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Life at Tricentis: Company Culture and Keeping Cool

It has been a hot summer, especially in Vienna.

Summers in Vienna, Austria, where the Tricentis headquarters are located, average at around 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit).  These past 3 weeks however have been neared to 35 degrees Celsius, (95 degrees Fahrenheit), this is one of the hottest summers in Austria’s recorded history.

I am not used to this type of heat. Last week I spoke with Alan, a member of our team in the Bay Area of California, who was in Vienna for a Management meeting. Alan was surprised about the hot and humid weather he arrived to find in Vienna and asked how we kept cool (and sane) in the midst of the heat.

I gave him my tip #1, so I would like to share it with you: Dive into the water and have a nice, refreshing swim (preferably while Tosca Testsuite is automating your tests so you can take a break).

The Tricentis headquarters are located within the beautiful city of Vienna, which, incidentally, has been named one of the top cities to live in for 6 years in a row). Vienna is split by the Danube River and is filled with parks to relax in.

The Tricentis office building looks over the river and large park with a panorama of the city and surrounding hills. When I look outside my office window I have a direct view to Alte Donau – I just need to cross the park, a 5 minute walk, get a ticket for one of the baths and jump into the cool and refreshing water.

This 5 minute walk allows me to cool down myself during this summer although it is very busy in the office. We are running interesting projects all over the world right now (Sydney, Hyderabad, Abu Dhabi, NYC, Halifax, California, etc.), and these projects are done with a lot of passion and engagement (and a considerable amount of time). Our company culture at Tricentis allows our team the freedom of flexible starting times, taking a break, etc. Often these are the factors the drive the best work and creative ideas – and make for happy employees!

We also place a high priority on customer focus, innovation, and excellent work, so with so many projects going, there are only a few occasions for jumping into the water during the week. With the closest swimming area being only 5 minutes away however, there is always a chance to get to one of the baths.

(Planning on visiting Tricentis soon? For more information about Alte Donau, click here.)

Looking for an excuse to visit Vienna? Join one of our public Tricentis Certified Professional courses!