LiveCompare update: New Treemap Visualizations, simpler user experience, and test repository connections featuring qTest

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Tim Girouard

Lead Product Manager

Date: Nov. 06, 2019

We’ve made significant user enhancements for Impact Analysis with the all new “Smart Impact” app.

The new Treemap summarization display is stunning. Smart Impact also consolidates 2 apps in one – eliminating confusion on which app to use for small or large SAP changes. Finally, we’ve made connecting to popular agile test management tools, like qTest, easy.

To learn more, check out the videos below, or read full release notes below.

  • Treemap Visualization
  • One app to support all types of changes
  • Test Repository Integration, featuring qTest

New Treemap Visualization to pinpoint most-at-risk objects

Visualizing impact analysis results should be, well, um, impactful! Our latest LiveCompare release features a rich graphical display that provides an at-a-glance assessment of the changes with the most-at-risk capabilities clearly focused.

The challenge

There are hundreds of thousands of SAP application capabilities – the average customer uses roughly 5,000. Some dependency objects can impact thousands of your used SAP applications. LiveCompare identifies which ones are Most-at-risk and should be prioritized for testing – resulting in an 85% decrease in testing effort or in other words: 100% impactful test coverage for just test 15% the effort.


The new Treemap graphic makes you instantly aware of the scope of change, and the most-at-risk capabilities to test.

  • Project Managers use the Treemap to scope projects
  • Developers use the details to fix up affected custom code, helping shift quality left
  • QA Teams save time, reduce risk

How it works

In reviewing the Smart Impact Treemap results you’re immediately drawn to the bigger boxes, representing the high usage SAP capabilities.

For example, if you see a large blue cell, that indicates a most-at-risk SAP capability with high usage. Smaller blue cells are most-at-risk and are used less in production. Without LiveCompare these can easily fall off the testing radar. Smart Impact is all about reducing production risk and saving time.

Highlighted Features

  • Application Area Grouping: Each team knows their scope
  • Smart Filter: Quickly filter results to understand where to focus test efforts
  • Smart Zoom: Expand or contract Treemaps to narrow or expand focus on most-at-risk areas for lesser used objects

Simple test repository integration, featuring Tricentis qTest

LiveCompare is an integral part of the Tricentis continuous testing platform. We prioritise integrations because we know from customers an “integrated tool chain” delivers more value more efficiently. LiveCompare 3.9.3 includes integration with Tricentis qTest .

Here’s a list of all the supported test tools that LiveCompare integrates with:

  • qTest
  • Tosca
  • ALM
  • Certify
  • Azure DevOps

Agile test management for SAP applications

We’ve written a lot about how test automation is mandatory for a successful SAP upgrade or S4/HANA migration. After surveying our qTest customers, we found that a majority of teams testing SAP are still in the manual phase or lack coverage of typical Most-at-risk SAP applications.

With LiveCompare’s new integration with qTest, SAP testing teams can elevate qTest as an agile test management solution. This starts with expanding coverage of your Most-at-risk SAP Application capabilities. Let LiveCompare discover, prioritize, and load these critical requirements into qTest today!


One app for all change events

Before LiveCompare 3.9.3., users had to choose between multiple Impact Analysis apps. There was one for Support Packs, one for custom transports as well as apps dedicated to security or API changes.

With Smart Impact, one app does it all. Just run Smart Impact – it will know how to analyze the change event and the best way to lay out the results. Smart Impact makes app execution and result consumption easier.

Tricentis qTest

Learn more about how to scale, orchestrate, and accelerate test automation for complete visibility into your testing process.


Tim Girouard

Lead Product Manager

Date: Nov. 06, 2019

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