Agile testing

“Market leading test-case design” meets “Market leading test automation”

Each Gartner Magic Quadrant report is a culmination of research in a specific market.  This is designed to give stakeholders an overview of the relative position of each market competitor. By applying a graphical chart and a uniform set of evaluation criteria, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant helps readers to quickly understand how well technology providers are performing against their stated vision.

The real beauty of the report is that it is very easy to read. Like any MBA-style 2by2 chart, it divides market players into four categories: Niche Players, Visionaries, Challengers, and Leaders. Companies that are located furthest right in each quadrant are considered as leaders within the quadrant category.  For two consecutive years now, Gartner has highlighted Tricentis’ innovative tools that has been proven with strong results in driving automation success. They furthermore state that our company has grown its portfolio through internal innovation and partnerships, and has greatly improved within the global field operations during the past year. The report concludes its analysis of Tricentis with the recommendation that our products should be considered by enterprises that have struggled to make test automation work as well as those seeking to support agile continuous automation practices. The report lists Tricentis’ key strengths as:

  • Market-leading, model-based test planning and automation
  • Market-leading test case design and planning, with strong analytics and risk coverage model
  • Integrated synthetic test data management, service testing, and support for testing analytics applications
  • Strong efforts to support agile testing with integration to continuous integration tools, and support for behavior-driven development and API testing

There isn’t much to add to that. We, at Tricentis, don’t like to brag, but our customers achieve outstanding automation rates of >90% – which doesn’t happen by accident. Everyone who has worked in Software Quality Assurance knows that this is an industry leading achievement. This Gartner Magic Quadrant is a great accomplishment for all the dedicated hard working employees at Tricentis and for our customers, it is a strong confirmation that they have made the right choice with Tricentis.

At Tricentis, we have recently hosted a series of webinars that broaches on the topic of agile testing and automated testing as a tool for continuous delivery.  The three-part webinar series was presented by experts within the field, you can check them out here:

Webinar 1: Testing at the Speed of Agile
Webinar 2: Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore – One Company’s Journey to Quality
Webinar 3: Agile Testing – Accelerate and Optimize Agile Software Development with Tosca Testsuite