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Medicine for a Mobile Testers Headache

If you’ve had to deal with Mobile Testing before, I am sure you faced troubles managing and organizing your devices.

For me, it usually goes something like this:

OK! Tests on iPad Air are next… *Stand up, search for the device inside the room*… Hopefully nobody borrowed it. Finally I found my device! But where is that cable again?

By the time I have everything in place I stumble across a certain beloved screen….

OK… *heavy sigh*. I guess I have to try another device.

I could go on and on. We even share the same mobile devices with other departments and projects – which makes the searching part even worse!

The fact is:

If you want to be on the safe side, you will end up with more than just 2 or 3 test devices. (Usually 10-50+)

And from my experience, managing those devices manually always ends up in a mess.

Multiple teams need access to the same device.
Hardware gets lost.
You have to take care about the infrastructure.
To sum it all up: it’s a time consuming and annoying thing to do.

But! What if – *gasp* – you don’t need to do all of those steps? What if you could stay in your chair and access all the devices without worrying about further hardware infrastructure? Life changing!

Well not only is that possible, it is easy using deviceConnect with Tosca Mobile+!

deviceConnect is a private internal device cloud which takes over the hardware management part of your testing, seamlessly integrating with Tosca. You can easily access all of deviceConnect’s functions and connect to your devices. End to End – everything is in Tosca. Beginning with reserving your device, installing the latest version of the application under test, starting and running your automated test cases, reporting the results, and unblocking the device afterwards so that it is available for others to use.

I can even observe the device during running automation, even if the device is locked down in a safe server room somewhere in the basement. I don’t even know where the physical device is. But why should I? All I need to care about are the tests. Not infrastructure.

If necessary you can still test manually and play around with the device as if you are holding it in your hands. But then again, why would you? Using Tosca and automation is way more comfortable than having to manually walk through your application again and again.


So much for “how we prefer to do mobile testing”. We will never change back and neither will you, I am sure, once you have experienced what a powerful medicine the deviceConnect and Tosca Mobile+ combination is to your daily testing headaches.