Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton delivers excellence, quality, and innovation with business-driven testing


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Successful enterprise transformation requires a large focus on tools, processes, and strategy. For Johann Gaggero, Head of Omnichannel QA for the perfume and cosmetics division at Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, however, the most important piece of the puzzle is people. Johann takes a lot of care when it comes to the needs of not only the LVMH customer but each of his team members as well.

Simply put, when his team feels motivated, they perform at their best; and when they perform at their best, they produce quality work. In turn, customers feel assured that the money they’re spending is justified because of the level of quality and care they receive. When both sides are happy, it’s a win win.

Increasing quality and innovation while meeting the expectations of those on both sides is surely not an easy task, but one that Johann has learned to balance expertly. We get into this and more in our latest conversation.


Ensuring customer success with business-driven testing

After a decade of working in the luxury market, it’s fair to say that Johann understands the importance of exceeding customer expectations and knows precisely how to do so. More specifically, he anticipates the needs of customers in a proactive manner versus being reactive to issues as they arise. He says, “Providing excellence to our customers is not negotiable, it’s simply a must-have.”

Johann and his team leverage business-driven development – a testing approach in which IT solutions are developed to satisfy specific business needs. One major initiative resulting from this shift was to further develop their 360-degree view, with deeper insight into customer e-commerce journeys to create an omnichannel customer experience. The ultimate goal is to provide LVMH customers with a seamless shopping experience whether that’s via desktop, mobile, or in a brick-and-mortar store.

“If we want to improve our business, we have to focus first on our customers and what they need from us” – Johann Gaggero, Head of Omnichannel QA at LVMH, PCIS

Having close alignment with teams across the organization who share the same strategic goals offers Johann the support and tools necessary to make impactful contributions towards the success of business initiatives overall.

Quality work is rooted in three principles

Having had a few conversations with Johann to date, I know this to be true – he is heavily invested in (and is extremely proud of) his team. “I consider that when we have a happy team and happy people, they do their best, and they are more involved in their jobs.”

When asked what his keys to success are for the team to deliver on LVMH’s overarching business goals, he breaks them down into three principles:

  1. Keep learning – Johann is keen on empowering his team to constantly improve their skills and knowledge beyond testing. They are fully aware of the business’s core mission and have a fundamental understanding of the internal processes that are established as a result. This knowledge sharing is facilitated by ongoing workshops and strategic planning.
  2. Improve as you go – With his team’s core focus on the 360-view initiative, they’re able to analyze important insights on customer activity and trends in real time. This allows them to easily build upon what’s working well while being able to quickly and effectively address any issues that surface.
  3. Automate where possible – Johann is invested in reducing the amount of time his team spends doing manual, time-consuming tasks, giving them the opportunity to focus on projects that help the business optimize and scale.


The principles that Johann instills in his team are the same ones he himself follows professionally. Among many things, Johann credits his ability to exceed the goals he’s set for himself over the years by maintaining a balanced mix of open-mindedness and curiosity. Watch the Virtual Summit Interview with Johann.

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