Agile testing

New Release: TestPad Productivity Enhancements for qTest Manager

We rolled out a new TestPad experience to better conform with the qTest Manager UI changes and add some frequently requested features, including a rich text editor. We are adding more TestPad productivity enhancements, such as the ability to adjust test run properties during run time, resume test runs, upload attachments at the step level and more. Read below to learn more. 

TestPad Productivity Enhancements

Adjust Test Runs During Run Time

Before this release, testers had the ability to view preexisting test run properties while executing; however, they could not adjust the properties during run time. Now testers have the ability to modify these properties at any point during test execution. For example, you can launch a test run and decide during run time to execute in Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

Modify or Resume Test Run Logs

One of our most requested features was the ability to modify test logs after a test run has completed. For example, after talking with your product owner or developer, the test run which previously had been marked as “Failed” can now be changed to “Passed.”

These same features allow you to resume your test run logs at a later time. For example, if you have a custom status of “Paused,” you could save the run as “Paused” to open the test at a later time to resume.

Test Step Log Attachments

We now provide the ability to attach testing evidence at test run step level rather than just at the overrun level, and it’s super easy to do. Testers can instantly attach using the clipboard, drag and drop or upload attachments directly to individual test steps.

Defect Summary for External Defects

We have some good news for our customers integrating with VersionOne and Rally/CA Agile Central. Teams can now filter defects by fields associated in VersionOne or Rally using the defect summary field. We have had this feature for those using qTest and Jira Software, and now we are delivering it for our other enterprise agile planning integration partners.