Notes from the Field – Operation USHQ

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Notes from the Field – Operation USHQ

Like most system admins, I spend my days untangling wires, both literally and figuratively. Maintaining systems, implementing new projects, troubleshooting and responding to tickets and other requests make up most of my day-to-day. But I’m not complaining – this turned out to be excellent preparation for the next project that came my way: building the IT system for our new U.S. Headquarters in San Mateo, CA.

We’ve done projects like this before – after all, Tricentis has offices all over the world – but a project of this scope was something I’d never attempted before. In San Mateo, I was more or less starting from scratch.  To sum it up, I had to take cardboard boxes, unconnected bits of hardware, and mostly empty space and turn it all into a modern office, complete with all the tools we need to connect with our worldwide team.

As a lifelong computer admirer/enthusiast/geek, I thought it was very significant that our new HQ was in Silicon Valley, home of so much of the innovation that I work with and enjoy every day. And so it was only natural that I would make a couple of “pilgrimages” to some of the historical sites the area had to offer. There was the house and garage where William R. Hewlett and David Packard built their first product back in 1938. It’s rightly called the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley.”

Then, I visited the Computer History Museum in front of a CRAY-1 Mainframe, one of my favorite technological artifacts. It’s one of the most famous supercomputers in history.

I also found time to visit some of the more touristy places in the Bay Area, such as the Redwood forest and the infamous San Fransisco Bridge.

Not pictured: negotiating with cable and telecom providers, wrangling with boxes , flat screen TV’s, and furniture twice my size, and crawling around in closets, air conditioning ducts, and wherever else you can put a piece of hardware. And, of course, untangling wires.

All-in-all, time well spent.