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Pimp My Tricentis Tosca [Testsuite]: Service Pack 8.3.1

Tricentis is proud to announce the release of our new Service Pack 1 for Tosca version 8.3., currently available for download.  This service pack has been a special one for us – it doesn’t just include updates and patches to help you stay on top of the current technologies on the market.It also has some cool new features that will help make testing easier for everyone.

For this release, the development team has been working hard to create features that make Tricentis Tosca even more intuitive and user-friendly for you. We’ve also included features to support other technologies, such as Siebel Open UI and Selenium.

Our Cloud-Based Testsuite, Tosca as a Service (TaaS), is now the only testing tool to provide web and web services tests in the cloud.  We’ve improved the user experience to help you use TaaS as if it’s a local installation, and now it’s also possible to access your TaaS instances through the Tricentis Support Portal.

We are also excited to introduce our new X-Scan User Interface.  Not only does it look snazzy, but the new ribbon control allows for a more intuitive and user-friendly way to choose how you would like to scan your application and to which degree of detail, making this an easier experience for newbie Tosca users and experts alike.

Features that help to enhance Tricentis Tosca’s Model Based Test Automation capabilities include our new Image Based Test Automation, which recognizes images in various environments, even those that are prone to change. You can use our Loops & Conditions feature to dynamically control the flow within individual test cases by using “do”, “while” and “if-then-else” statements.  We’ve also enhanced Tosca Mobile+, which means auto instrumenting Android apps without the need for development or programming skills.

Tricentis is aware of all the dynamic shifts within the technological world, and when Oracle announced that they were migrating from their classic Siebel User Interface to their new Siebel Open UI – we wanted to be there. Currently, Tricentis Tosca is the only testing tool to automate Siebel Open UI and test your migration from classic to its new version.  We also understand the importance of open source software and have created a way of Testing with Selenium by allowing you to reuse both your Selenium 1 and Selenium 2 (Web Driver) Test assets, which can also be combined with other supported out-of-the-box technology.

Once again, we’ve got you covered.

The 8.3 Service Pack 1 has a lot of heavy hitters to help you cover your testing needs – and this was only a Service Pack.  Imagine how many cool features our next Release will have!  Stay tuned!

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