qTest Release: New Enhancements to Test Execution, Field Settings, Parameters UI and More!

In this release for qTest, we have incorporated some of the most requested features for our new test execution UI while adding some additional functionality around test data management and reporting.

Check out the improvements we’ve made and be on the look out for one more release later this year!

Improved Defect Summary Views

When collecting bugs, defects, issues, or whatever you want to call them, it’s important to know all their details when it comes to where to focus your time. That’s why we’ve improved the defect summary tab to allow more data from your Tricentis qTest defects or Jira Software issues to be seen in qTest Manager.

For example, QA managers and testers can now select the gear icon to display Jira field values like priority, resolution, reporter and more to quickly analyze which defects need attention without leaving qTest Manager.

Simply select the defect summary tab on the release, cycle or test suite to customize your view.

Note: If you are using Jira and you don’t see new columns available, go to your project integration settings and click “Refresh Field Settings” to see the updates.

Real-time Notifications and Better Change Logs

This scenario has probably happened more than we would like to admit: One team member is changing the order of test runs in a suite while the other might not be aware of what’s going on. Instead of wondering why runs have moved order, our real-time notifications will tell you right away if something changes if multiple users are working in the same area.

Just look out for the notification banner to refresh your screen.

qTest Manager has always kept all historical data when it comes to changes in test planning or test case creation. However, now we are giving better details on what has actually changed to each of the values in the system.

Check out the below image to see how we compare values to make sure you are aware of all historical changes.

Tighter Control on Default Values

In a previous release this year we gave have you the ability to have unlimited custom fields for your projects. Our customers let us know that as they created more mandatory values in their new fields, the system was actually forcing a default value. We have changed this to allow you to make fields mandatory but now you can select a particular default value or leave it blank.

Better Data Management with New Parameters UI

The ability to data-drive test cases was one of our highest customer feature requests and earlier this year we proudly delivered this ability to our customers. Rather than building this feature as a small enhancement, we built an entire parameters module to organize and store your test data.

Now we have modernized the parameters module UI to better conform with the entire qTest platform while also delivering some exciting new features like custom filtering and dataset importation.

Custom Filtering

Managing test data across multiple projects can be hard enough when you don’t have proper filtering abilities. With new custom filtering, you can search based on project, status, and when a parameter was created or updated. This helps users find and edit the parameters they want in a matter of seconds.

Dataset Importation

Before this release, users had the ability to import parameters, but not datasets. We’ve removed this restriction with the ability to import new datasets based on existing parameters. Just click the import button in the “Datasets” tab.

Hint: If you are looking for help, use the sample templates included in the import screen.

New Custom Data Range Filter

qTest Insights comes with tons of out-on-the-box reports and the ability to customize your own reports based on custom filtering. However, what if you wanted to filter more test data directly on the report? That’s where our new custom data range filter comes in to help you get the views you want without leaving your favorite charts.

Simply chose from a wide variety of the reports below to use the new custom data range filter:

  • Test Result by Day
  • Test Planned vs Executed
  • Test Case Type Weekly Trend
  • Test Case Type Weekly Trend (%)

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this release. For more information about our latest releases, visit our Product Updates page.