qTest Scenario: Introducing Multiple Git Repository and Branch Support for Feature Files

Agile testing

qTest Scenario: Introducing Multiple Git Repository and Branch Support for Feature Files

qTest Scenario has received some major updates this year, including a new enterprise version geared toward teams using Jira Software for their enterprise agile planning tool. In this release, we focused on adding flexible connections with multiple Git repositories and providing an easy way to toggle between branches for feature file storage.

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Multiple Repository and Branch Support for qTest Scenario

After collecting customer feedback, we found that many teams need the ability to link and switch between repositories within the same Jira project. A typical use case for using multiple repositories surfaces when agile teams use Jira projects to represent an entire application or product line. These projects contain Jira component values which require different branch locations.

For example, if your product has web, Android, and iOS components then it may make sense to have separate repository locations. With these new enhancements, teams can easily switch between their web, Android, and iOS repositories as they move in between Jira issues.

Support for Multiple Branch Selections

Most BDD teams follow a best practice branching process where the feature files and supported code are not merged to their master branch until their feature branch has been reviewed and approved. With our new branch selection enhancement, teams can now change the their branch location before they save their feature files. This helps teams work on feature files outside of their master branch, test their scenarios, and then move the feature files to their master branch for production release.

This new enhancement also removes the restriction of having all Jira issues saved to the same branch location.

Better Controls and Feature Locking

Now that we are presenting more repositories to select on the qTest Scenario editor, we want to make sure users can only save features to repositories that they have access to edit. Teams can now set default repositories and branches for each Jira project. If a team member tries to select a repository they do not have access to, our editor will prompt them an inaccessible alert and to enter in their Git credentials.

When feature files are saved, they are now locked to prevent any user errors related to incorrectly changing the branch or duplicating a feature file name.If you need to edit the branch location, you can simply un-link the feature file to make the edits.

To learn more about the new qTest Scenario enhancements in the release notes.