10 Reasons Not to Attend Accelerate 2017, the Continuous Testing Conference

FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. It’s especially a reality in the software and tech industries, where innovation happens so fast it can give you whiplash trying to follow it all.

Over the years, Tricentis’ Accelerate has transformed from a small product user conference to the foremost Continuous Testing conference out there. That’s kind of a big deal. That can give you some serious FOMO.

So to make you feel better, we’ve take the liberty of assembling a list of reasons you shouldn’t come to Accelerate 2017. Hope it helps. If it doesn’t, just give in already and register here.

10 Reasons Not to Attend Accelerate 2017

1. You like being the last to know things.

Tricentis’ Accelerate is where all the biggest new features of Tricentis Tosca are released, and the new product roadmap is unveiled. This year promises to be particularly exciting, given Tricentis’ recent acquisition of Flood IO. But who wants to know about the industry’s latest Continuous Testing innovations that will save you time and advance your career?

2. The conference is in Austria.

Everyone knows Austria isn’t cool. Yeah…definitely not cool.

3. Innovation is boring.

No one is interested in new technologies or methodologies. Why try out the newest tech from one of the industry’s leading software testing tool providers? There’s no value in something that will save you tons of time, relieve you from the tedious tasks you hate, or anything like that…right?

4. Networking.

Let’s be real—although it is invaluable for your career, networking isn’t easy for most people. It does, however get a lot easier when you have the magic networking trifecta: enthusiasm, games, and refreshments. There will be lots of all three at Accelerate 2017, but why risk the awkwardness?

5. You know everything there is to know about the software testing industry.

The world of software testing evolves at glacial speed (ie: slowly). Nothing that you learned about software testing 20 years ago has changed – except for DevOps, Test Automation, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Agile, Service Virtualization, Continuous Deployment, Artificial Intelligence in testing…ok, maybe there is a lot.

6. It’s free.

It’s free. The only good conferences are the ones you have to pay for. No one wants to go to a conference where the company gets nothing out of it except the chance to bring together hundreds of passionate practitioners and experts from around the world to share ideas and grow their knowledge – like Accelerate.

7. Learning new things can increase your productivity and value at work.

8. You’d have to ask your boss if it’s ok to go.

Yikes. How could you even begin to justify a conference like Accelerate? Even this templated email on “How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Go to Accelerate 2017” won’t help. You may as well give up now.

9. No one likes games, and especially not prizes.

Games and competitions are the worst, and word on the street is that Accelerate will be extra-gamified this year. Prizes are even worse than games, and there are rumored to be tons of them at Accelerate 2017. Best just to stay away entirely.

10. You don’t have an opinion on Tricentis Tosca, so you don’t care if anyone knows what you think.

Accelerate is a key time for Tricentis to gather feedback and ideas on new features in Tricentis Tosca. But that doesn’t matter for you – there is nothing about Tricentis Tosca you would like to see changed, enhanced, or extended.