7 Reasons Software Testing Professionals Should Avoid Accelerate San Francisco Like the Plague

Tricentis’ first ever North American Accelerate is hitting San Francisco this year, but that doesn’t mean you should go. Ground-breaking, banner-year, once-in-a-lifetime (because there will never be a first Accelerate in American again) events should be avoided. Like that one time you passed on tickets to the Rolling Stones. #NoRegrets

In fact, let’s just go ahead and make that reason #1 to avoid Accelerate San Francisco like the plague:

1. Missing out on the “first ever” of a ground-breaking event is really fun
After Accelerate 2017 in Vienna, Austria, became Europe’s largest Continuous Testing conference, Tricentis decided to expand the conference globally to meet the growing demand – and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t go. It’s the sort of story you’ll want to tell your grandchildren one day: “Kids, did I ever tell you about the time I decided not to go to the first-ever Accelerate held in San Francisco? What a day….”

 2. It’s better to stay one step behind on the “bleeding edge” of software testing
Software testing has experienced seismic shifts in the last decade, with concepts and technologies around DevOps, Continuous TestingService Virtualization, Artificial Intelligence, and more shaking up the industry. In addition to over 30 sessions exploring these and other topics, Accelerate will feature a panel discussion on “The Next Great Debate in Software Development” with thought leaders from Amazon, Accenture, and Tricentis arguing who is responsible for software quality, and how quality will be achieved. But who cares? Information is worth nothing to you or your career.

3. Tricentis has nothing to add to the software testing discussion
You’re right. Set aside the fact that Tricentis was named a leader in Gartner’s Software Test Automation Magic Quadrant for the last three years—with the highest score among all vendors in Completeness of Vision for test automation. Also disregard that both Forrester and IDC also recognized Tricentis as a leader in their latest reports. With industry thought leaders like Wolfgang Platz (Tricentis founder and Chief Strategy Officer) and Sandeep Johri (Tricentis CEO and leader of HP’s $4.5B acquisition of Mercury Interactive in 2006) sharing their insights on where software testing is headed, you’ll certainly need plenty of cold-brew coffee to stay engaged.

4. The conference is in San Francisco Ew.

5. Networking is the worst
You could meet your next business partner, learn how your peers are tackling the challenges that keep you up at night, or simply mingle with and be inspired by hundreds of other brilliant minds in the software testing industry…but that would first require talking to them. It’s just not worth the effort.

6. You’d have to ask your boss for permission to go
Hmmm. How could you even begin to justify a cutting-edge software testing conference hosted by industry leaders like Tricentis? The “How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Go to Accelerate” page won’t help. You may as well give up now.

7. You want Tricentis Tosca to stay exactly how it is now…forever.
Accelerate is a key time for Tricentis to gather feedback and ideas on new features in Tricentis Tosca. It’s a time to talk to everyone from the Product Engineers to the Product Managers and Executives and make sure your voice is heard. But that doesn’t matter for you – there is nothing about Tricentis Tosca you would like to see changed, enhanced, or extended.

We hope you feel validated in your convictions to avoid Accelerate San Francisco. But if that nagging little voice keeps asking, “what if?”, you may as well give in and register already here.