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SAP Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing

With today’s enterprise IT landscape evolving faster than ever, it’s hardly surprising that IT teams find it difficult to keep pace with the seemingly non-stop testing requirement for new software. That’s particularly the case in the SAP arena, where end-to-end SAP-enabled business processes now frequently span multiple SAP applications and platforms, and increasingly draw on multiple SaaS applications – all with their own separate release cycles.

And with the introduction of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori, even the smallest application changes can have a far-reaching and disrupting impact on extended business processes. However, while these innovative technologies are critical for powering SAP-enabled business transformation initiatives, they can only ultimately succeed if IT departments are equipped to test and deploy them across their organization at a rate that keeps pace with today’s rapidly-accelerating applications timetable.

Although businesses now expect new applications to be released at an unprecedented rate, delays in software testing are proving to be a major barrier to the success of DevOps and digital transformation initiatives. It’s perhaps no wonder that three leading analyst firms – Gartner, Forrester, and IDC – have all recognized that the way organizations address the critical software testing process needs to change.

Gartner specifically addresses this challenge in its new ‘Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation 2018’ report, with its focus on resolving enterprise testing’s increased scope and complexity. In the report Gartner ranks the Tricentis Tosca Continuous Testing Platform highest for out of 10 different software testing solutions for its ‘Enterprise End-to-End Testing’ capabilities.

Tricentis Tosca also supports multiple generations of commonly-used SAP technologies and user interfaces, offering strong integration with SAP Solution Manager 7.2. New features in Tricentis Tosca include bi-directional synchronization of the SAP Solution Documentation with Tosca, as well as enabling Tosca risk-based assessment to speed up the test planning in SAP Solution Manager.

To help organizations address their SAP testing challenges, Tricentis has authored a new whitepaper – SAP Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing – aimed at helping organizations to reduce the burden of SAP testing. The paper sets out the software testing challenge facing today’s IT departments, and highlights the significant business risks currently faced by the 80% of SAP users that are still reliant on manual testing tools as their primary form of software testing.

Read this paper to find out why manual software testing is actively holding back SAP innovation, and why – given the escalating pace of SaaS updates – it’s now time to move towards Continuous Testing for SAP-enabled business processes.