SAP and Tricentis join forces for faster, safer SAP releases


Sandeep Johri

Board member, former CEO Tricentis

SAP is the leader in the enterprise application world. 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. 92% of the world’s leading companies turn to SAP to enable the intelligent enterprise. And now SAP is partnering with Tricentis – the leader in software testing – to help their customers innovate faster.

I’m excited to share that Tricentis is now the go-to testing solution for SAP. As SAP’s impressive innovation cadence continues to accelerate, the old ways of testing (enlisting business users for tedious, time-consuming testing duty) have proven increasingly ineffective. SAP asked its most successful customers what they recommended. All paths led to Tricentis…and a partnership was born.

The Tricentis platform is uniquely suited to work across the entire SAP product line, from traditional, on-premise ERP solutions such as ECC and Business Suite 7 to modern platforms such as S/4HANA and cloud-based offerings such as SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Ariba. The ability to guide customers through the “old world” and the “new world” is especially critical today as enterprises look to modernize their SAP landscapes.

What the SAP partnership involves

The partnership establishes the Tricentis platform as the pre-eminent testing solution for SAP:

  • Tricentis and SAP developers will be collaborating to deliver integrated testing support for SAP’s latest innovations as they’re released.
  • SAP is including Tricentis products as an integral part of their core solution and selling them worldwide via the SAP global sales force and channel.
  • SAP will be adopting the Tricentis platform internally across its engineering teams.

This is truly a historic agreement. It extends far beyond SAP’s previous software testing partnerships in terms of integration as well as scope. It is the first time that third-party testing technology is embedded into SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM. It is the first time that SAP and a partner have entered into joint development to drive SAP testing technology. It is the first agreement for reselling change impact analysis, which has proven to enable 3X faster SAP releases with zero defects. It is also the first partnership that involves all three layers of testing SAP’s Digital Core: the interfaces (SAP WinGUI, SAP Fiori, SAP APIs…), the business logic (SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Concur…), and the data (BOPF, CDS…).

Speed changes everything

Tricentis helps businesses running SAP solutions remove the uncertainty and risk of moving to newer SAP S/4HANA and cloud platforms, while simultaneously shrinking the time and costs involved. A recent ASUG study found that 70% of SAP users are uncertain that their organizations fully understand all their SAP S/4HANA migration risks, and most doubt that legacy testing approaches are up to the task. In fact, traditional testing methods are the number one bottleneck in software delivery (GitLab DevSecOps report) and represent nearly 30% of IT budgets (Capgemini World Quality Report).

As the volume and velocity of SAP updates has exponentially increased in recent years, customers are finding that their traditional testing methods require significant manual effort while providing inadequate risk reduction. As a result, many customers are falling behind. The partnership between Tricentis and SAP enables all SAP customers to use Tricentis’ platform to safely keep up with the accelerated pace of updates.

With the power of the Tricentis platform behind them, SAP customers can unleash the full benefits of SAP S/4HANA and cloud platforms. Tricentis is known for easing these transitions through an array of innovations:

  • AI-powered change impact analysis that eliminates unnecessary testing, providing 90% risk reduction for 85% less effort.
  • A no-code, business-friendly platform that enables >90% end-to-end test automation, replacing slow manual testing and accelerating SAP testing cycles 10X – from 6-8 weeks on average to a matter of days.
  • Fast creation of resilient tests that apply across the “old world” (on-prem, SAP ECC, SAP Business Suite, etc.) and the “new world” (Cloud, SAP Fiori, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, etc.), saving considerable time and money.
  • Enterprise-grade test data management, service virtualization, and test management that eliminates time wasted waiting for test plans, test data, or unavailable systems.
  • Continuous test automation that integrates seamlessly into Solution Manager, Cloud ALM, and DevOps toolchains, empowering Agile SAP development.

How this benefits our customers and partners

Through this partnership, Tricentis and SAP customers can accelerate their migration to the intelligent enterprise – delivering innovation faster to transform the business and provide exceptional, truly-differentiating customer experiences. Tricentis and SAP will be closely collaborating to ensure that we offer unmatched support for testing SAP innovations as they’re released. You can expect seamless integrations, easier testing, and more powerful automation across extended SAP capabilities.

As always, our dedicated team of specialists and global partners are ready to help you achieve your SAP testing goals. Whether your organization wants to expand your SAP testing practice (e.g., into data testing and performance testing) or migrate legacy tests to SAP’s testing platform of choice, we’re here to help.


Sandeep Johri