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Simplifying Testing with the Test Data Engine [Video]

It is common knowledge that manual testers spend an average of 50-75% of their time finding and preparing the correct data for their test cases. Automated testing doesn’t catch a break either – often automated testing falls into the same time consuming cycles of data input. Without knowing the correct data to test however, not only do you end up spending more time hunting down data, but you also run the risk of running thousands of extraneous cases. We see it all the time: redundancy is rife in the testing system. To achieve the highest effective and efficient degrees of testing, you need to control the test data.

Tricentis’ three pronged approach of model based test automation, test case design, and the test data engine form the basis of Test Optimization within the Tosca Testsuite. Our Model Based Test Automation provides script-less testing while the Test Data Engine allows you to automatically generate test data as a basis for test execution. Finally the Test Case Design feature provides a strong analytic and risk coverage model to ensure that you test less, but more effectively.

Watch our demo video to learn how you can significantly diminish the amount of time and effort put into test data management with Tosca Testsuite’s fully integrated automated Test Data Engine.

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