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Sneak preview: Building the right test cases with Test Design Studio

Recently, we surveyed over 1,100+ Tricentis qTest customers, and the results were amazing! Over 96% of customers said they would use the new studio’s design functionality, and almost over 65% said they would at least use it on a weekly basis.

With all this excitement, we just had to give you a sneak preview of what’s to come soon in 2020.

If this Test Design Studio functionality was available today, how frequently would you use it? Answer
Whenever we design new applications 29%

Design the Right Tests From the Start

We’re taking the old school approach to test design and bringing it up to date with a cloud-based test design experience that allows anyone to visually design tests as dynamic flowcharts.

This intuitive, light-weight experience helps your teams create the optimal amount of test cases for a given sprint, release, or system upgrade. Check out the video sneak preview, and come back later this year for the official Test Design Studio release.


Increase Risk Coverage

Generate high quality, targeted tests that will increase business risk coverage without excess tests.


Build Transparent Tests

Eliminate redundant test cases by building transparent test flowcharts with visual test paths that anyone can follow.


Integrated Test Management

Seamlessly turn your test flowcharts into Tricentis qTest test cases for management and execution.

Increase Test Collaboration

Designing test cases without a proper understanding of business processes creates poor test coverage and unnecessary testing. Test Design Studio removes the disconnect in business processes and test design by providing an interface for business users, product managers, and other stakeholders to create visual test flows with testers.

Test Design Studio - Test Flow Creation

Visualize Test Flows and User Paths

Identifying the right test cases is challenging due to the rapid change of complex business processes and critical end-to-end scenarios. With Test Design Studio, you can generate test flowcharts and instantly visualize user paths to design better end-to-end tests.

This visualization will create greater transparency of what areas of the application are being tested. Teams will now have a clear understanding and sign-off point when looking for test coverage.

Visualize Test Flows

Reuse Test Flows for Test Cases

Test Design Studio helps you move rapidly from design to execution by instantly creating test cases in Tricentis qTest from test flowcharts. Simply create test flows to ensure unique test objectives for each test case.

Reuse Test Flows for Test Cases