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The Top Software Testing Tools: The Ultimate List of Lists

Today’s software testing tool market offers testers more options—and more confusion—than ever before. Both the open source community and commercial vendors are introducing new software testing tools at an unprecedented rate. On top of that, the past couple years have brought tremendous turmoil in the software testing tools marketplace (think HPE-Micro Focus spin merge, the IBM Rational- HCL deal …). Given all the new choices and changes, it’s not surprising that there are now 100+ software testing tool lists making the rounds on blogs and software testing community sites.

This page is NOT designed to tell you what software testing tool is “best” (disclaimer: we’re a software testing tool vendor, so we are obviously biased).  Rather, we aimed to compile the ultimate list of software testing tools lists—so you can rapidly research the available options and make your own decision on what software testing tools you want to evaluate.

Each software testing tools list is rated on 3 criteria:

  • Scope: The number of software testing tools covered
  • Details: The level of detail provided in the list
  • Analysis: The depth of analysis that it offers

We tried to focus on the most authoritative and trusted lists, and steer clear of lists where software testing tool vendors can pay to influence their position. If you have feedback on the quality or objectivity of these software testing tool lists, please drop us a note in the comment section.

The Ultimate List of Software Testing Tools

XebiaLabs, the brains behind the popular Periodic Table of DevOps Tools, have also developed this list of software tools used in DevOps processes. 50+ tools are represented, complete with a quick summary and links to the related web + Wikipedia pages (if applicable). [Read this software testing tools list]

Wikipedia List of Software Testing Tools

Speaking of Wikipedia…here’s a direct link to all the software testing tools that meet Wikipedia criteria (to be worthy of inclusion, the tool must be deemed sufficiently notable, and that notability must be verifiable through citations to reliable sources). In addition to individual software testing tools, the page also links to category pages which compare tools on community-driven criteria. [Read this software testing tools list]

Selecting the Best Open-Source Test Automation Tool for You

Perfecto’s Eran Kinsbruner (@ek121268) compares the 5 most popular open source testing frameworks on over 25 criteria (including suitability for dev and/or QA). Software testing frameworks covered include Selenium, Appium, Espresso, XCTest UI, and Calabash. Evaluation criteria cover both general and mobile testing capabilities.  [Read this software testing tools list]

Bonus: Perfecto also offers a gated ebook, 10 Test Automation Frameworks for Cross Browser Testing, with comparisons of Casper.JS, Robot, Buster.JS, Nightwatch.JS, WebDriver.IO, Protractor, Codecept.JS, Phantom.JS,  JSDom, and Chimp.

10 Most Popular Automation Tools and Libraries on GitHub

For another perspective on open source test automation tools, consider this list by test automation guru Joe Colantonio (@jcolantonio). He covers the 10 most popular software testing tools available on GitHub. Tools covered include EarlGrey, WebDriverIO, Robot Framework, Macaca, Detox, UI AutoMonkey, Gauge, Hound, OWTF, and FluentLenium [Read this software testing tools list]

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation

Analysts at Gartner (the world’s leading research and advisory company) evaluated 11 “enterprise-grade” software testing tool. The evaluation involved inquiries with clients, surveys of tool users, vendor responses to questions, and product evaluations. Gartner required tools to support native Windows desktop application testing and Android or iOS testing support as well as support 3 of the following: responsive web applications, mobile applications, packaged applications (SAP, Salesforce, etc.), API/web services. Tools covered include Tricentis, Micro Focus, Microsoft, IBM, SmartBear, CA Technologies, Worksoft, Eggplant, Parasoft, and Ranorex. [Read this software testing tools list]

Bonus: Get more insight into their scoring criteria by reading the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation report.

Forrester Wave for Functional Test Automation

Forrester (one of the world’s most influential research and advisory firms) selected the top 15 tools that provide cross-browser testing, mobile testing, UI testing, and API testing capabilities. After evaluating these software testing tools based on vendor interviews, product evaluations, and customer interviews, they scored the tools on 26 criteria and ranked them against one another. Tools covered include IBM, Tricentis, Sauce Labs, Parasoft, HPE, SmartBear, TestPlant, Micro Focus, Perfecto, Microsoft, Eggplant, and Ranorex. [Read this software testing tools list]

Bonus: Testing Tool Comparison Calculator

No single set of testing tools, criteria, and weighting will suit every team. That’s why we’ve prepared a fully-customizable testing tool comparison “calculator” that can be downloaded without any required contact info.