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The Summer’s Top Software Testing Webinars

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed summer’s warm weather, long days, and great vacation opportunities (in the northern hemisphere at least).

As you settle back into your normal routine and gear up for fall/autumn, we wanted to highlight some great software testing webinars that you might have missed—without forcing you to tackle that overflowing Inbox!

Fast Feedback: Michael Bolton on Software Testing

You probably had some great summer gatherings…but chances are that your campfire chats didn’t veer towards the software testing community’s toughest questions:
  • How do you determine “good” test coverage?
  • Is it actually helpful to have standardized language and processes when it comes to testing?
  • How do you take common feelings of confusion and make them work in your favor?
  • What’s the difference between testing and checking?

That’s okay…you can listen in on Michael Bolton and  Tricentis’ Ingo Philipp exploring these topics.   We’ve broken up 2 ½ hours of discussion into individual, bite-size videos so you can focus on the topics that you’re most interested in.

Here’s a quick preview:

A Simpler Approach to Load Testing for DevOps

Just because the easy, breezy days of summer have passed doesn’t mean you can’t continue to simplify things…like load testing. Trying to think like a browser and manage things like session handling, authentication, caching, and so on at the protocol level is hardly a summer sport. However, if you want a simpler way to load test for DevOps, then the new Browser Level User (BLU) approach is designed for you.

Since you don’t have to script each individual network call, load tests are much easier to define, as well as more resilient (i.e., not a pain to maintain). With this new “lean” approach to load testing in a DevOps environment, any tester can start load testing.

Scriptless Summer Continuous Testing Series

The 4-part Continuous Testing webinar series was a huge summer blockbuster. From low-code/no-code test automation techniques, to end-to-end testing from mobile to mainframe and everything in between, to test case design strategies that slim down your test suite while bulking up risk coverage, to crossing that threshold from automated testing to Continuous Testing, we took quite a journey (but had lots of fun along the way).

Why Modern SAP Architectures Require a New Approach to SAP Testing

This is probably more fitting for a new year’s resolution than a summer project… but over two-thirds of organizations are preparing to upgrade their SAP architectures for SAP S/4HANA and Fiori. Is your testing strategy prepared for this massive change? Watch Why Modern SAP Architectures Require a New Approach to SAP Testing to learn the fastest way to transition your existing quality strategies and assets to a modernized approach that’s architected for the latest generation of SAP advances. You’ll learn about new ways to:

  • Determine what tests to migrate first
  • Address new SAP technologies like SuccessFactors, Ariba, and Hybris
  • Avoid roadblocks created by different components evolving at different speeds
  • Automate end-to-end tests beyond the SAP ecosystem (APIs, mobile, and mainframes…)

How You Could Stop Top Software Failures

It’s hard to welcome summer bugs like mosquitos, wasps, ants, etc. But a software bug actually presents an opportunity to explore. The fact that a bug is occurring means that there is something we can learn about our software, which will in turn, improve our future software. DZone and Tricentis recently partnered up to explore this very topic in a webinar titled “How You Could Stop Top Software Fails”, featuring panelists from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives: Tricentis’ Distinguished Evangelist Ingo Philipp, Senior Software Test Consultant and Trainer, Sue Atkins, Tricentis’ Director of Engineering, Michael Niessl, and Flood’s Performance Testing Consultant, Nicole van der Hoeven.

The panelists discussed the biggest software bugs they have encountered professionally, and more importantly, how to learn from them.

The Next Great Debate in Software Testing

With the United States’ mid-term elections fast approaching, we’ll certainly hear our share of debates in the upcoming months. Here’s one that’s polarizing the development and testing community: Do we still need professional testers, or should all testing “shift left” to developers and SDETs?  Watch this lively panel discussion where Wolfgang Platz (Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer), Jeff Wilkinson (Managing Director of Accenture), and Anders Wallgren (CTO of Electric Cloud) debate hot topics such as:
  • How DevOps alters quality objectives
  • If and when development resources should be applied to testing tasks
  • Unit testing and SDETs vs end-to-end testing and domain expertise
  • Practical ways to promote the “one team, one fight” mindset