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Spies, Hackers, and a Good Story: Happy Data Privacy Day!

Data Privacy is a rather boring term for a fascinating and complex reality.

Society has always had an attraction to people who steal data – whether it be hackers (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), spies (Mata Hari and James Bond), or the likes of self-proclaimed “whistle blowers” (Wiki Leaks and Edward Snowden).Those stories rely on the romance of intrigue to rake in their millions in movie franchises, but the reality is significantly more convoluted.

As much as we like the idea of a “hacker with a heart of gold” however, 99% of the hacking that takes place in reality is an infuriating violation of personal rights: stolen identities and credit card numbers, blackmail, the leaking of sensitive images, etc. These are the types of stories that don’t always make the news, but still affect thousands of people on a daily basis.

In 2007 the Council of Europe created the world’s first Data Privacy Day, an idea that spread to United States in the subsequent years. Today Data Privacy Day is celebrated in 29 countries with the goal of educating the public regarding the necessity of protecting their personal information online. The day also provides a forum for companies dealing with data privacy and innovation to share ideas regarding the advancement of the cyber-security sector. Often data privacy boils down to the mechanics of software and testing that assesses risk to provide a safety net for the company and users. At Tricentis we are proud to take our place within the ranks, helping those who create software to tighten their safety nets and barricade the bunker doors that protect the world’s vast mines of valuable data.

No matter how advanced our security however, society will always be enthralled by stories of data protection and security meeting the fantastic world of spies and Hollywood films. It is, you could say, part of what makes us human: we all love a good story.

Happy Data Privacy Day!

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