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ServiceNow testing

Streamline ServiceNow testing with a test automation strategy

Due to the impact of Covid-19, CIOs are accelerating business initiatives, including building new digital solutions, and modernizing and updating core applications to increase speed and lower risks. One enterprise company that is ’all in’ on digital transformation, ServiceNow, is aiming to change the world one workflow at a time. ServiceNow implementation costs can range in the millions and it’s critical to ensure the Now Platform is tested for efficiency and is defect-free in order to protect the investment.

It’s important to confirm all applications and workflows are working as expected. Oftentimes, all team members are working constantly to ensure quality in their deployments. ServiceNow has over 70 products grouped into four different workflows (IT, Employee, Customer, and Custom). Customers regularly are contracting ServiceNow partners and system integrators to help with an implementation. However, they’re either maintaining the platform themselves afterward, or they’re outsourcing the testing to a vendor. If they maintain the platform themselves, the team of developers, testers, business analysts are all doing everything they can with the limited time they have to keep their platform running for employees and customers.

Imagine Service Portal having defects. What if you couldn’t request items or submit support inquiries? What if an organization had up to 1 million users that could log in to Service Portal at any given time, but couldn’t? What if there was a defect in the workflow and an employee was certain they submitted an IT request for new hardware but support didn’t get the notification. After weeks of waiting, the employee still didn’t receive the hardware, only to find out that support never got the request in the first place? All of these scenarios can lead to a poor customer and employee experience. To ensure that these critical workflows are working, we need to test the platform. And with the Now platform’s extreme flexibility, it is nearly impossible to test manually. That’s why you need an efficient ServiceNow testing strategy with test automation included.

Companies are driving towards providing the ultimate customer and employee experience. The last thing you’d want is for customers to catch the defects before you do. And keeping your employees inspired and productive is critical to success across the board. There’s an expectation for efficiency with every deployment in order to roll out new workflows and capabilities at a rapid pace. If you have ServiceNow, you need ServiceNow test automation to keep up with the demand, changes, and most importantly, quality deployments. Testing ServiceNow can come with challenges. Where do you start? What should you test? How should you test it?

At Tricentis, we work with a lot of customers who are facing similar challenges. They knew they needed to adopt test automation to streamline their ServiceNow testing, but the next question was, “Now what?” Therefore, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to improve the delivery process with test automation. When it comes to ServiceNow testing, it’s important to take a step back and identify the testing scope and approach. Whether you’re looking to involve testing around deployments or planning for the next upgrade, we created a simple checklist to help create a strategy around the testing lifecycle. The phases include planning, development, execution, maintenance, and upgrades. Each phase includes an overview of what to expect and a checklist on what you should consider. We also included ServiceNow upgrade and bonus tips as well!

If you’re ready to use our checklist to improve your ServiceNow test strategy, click here to download.