Exploratory testing

Tackling the Testing Community’s Toughest Questions

We invited Michael Bolton to our headquarters earlier this year to present the three-day “Rapid Software Testing” (RST) course that he and James Bach teach to testers—and non-testers like myself—around the globe. The course provides students with “a clear and powerful way to think about testing that allows you to test responsibly and systematically so that you focus on business risk and do the deep testing that your project needs.”

After completing Bolton’s course, I immediately wrote a blog describing the impact that Bolton’s statement, “Nothing is obvious when you know nothing,” had on me. What Bolton, Bach, and many other amazing testers out there will tell you is that knowing nothing at the start of a testing activity isn’t just OK, it can be an incredibly powerful asset.

While we aren’t able to share the entirety of our RST learnings (I highly recommend taking the course yourself!) we did record a 2 ½ hour-long discussion between Michael and our own Ingo Philipp, and we’re thrilled to share that conversation with you. And, since hardly anyone has time to listen to a 2 ½ hour-long conversation, we’ve broken up the recording, by topic, into 14 bite-size chunks for you to pick and choose from!

In the videos, Philipp goes back to a number of points that came up during our RST course that warranted further attention and which address common pain points, misconceptions, and struggles that testing teams face each day.

Click here for access to a wealth of information from one of our favorite software testing evangelists, Michael Bolton!