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Tips for Manual Testers Worried About Test Automation: 4 Top Resources

From reddit, to Stickyminds, to numerous LinkedIn software testing groups, this week has brought a surge of inquiries about transitioning from manual testing to test automation. This isn’t unexpected, especially when survey after survey seems to indicate that the industry is indeed shifting away from manual testing and towards test automated testing—though not (yet) as rapidly as many IT leaders would like.

As these software testing forum posts indicate, many manual testers are increasingly concerned about their career prospects and proactively trying to prepare themselves for the future. Many manual testers have already adopted various scriptless test automation tools to take their careers to the next level. A number of tools on the market help “less technical” testers create and maintain automated test cases by focusing on the business perspective they specialize in (without worrying about coding or scripting). Another promising path for manual testers is to advance their mastery of exploratory testing, which is a rising practice that many experts expect to dominate manual testing in the near future.

If you’re looking to extend from manual testing into test automation and exploratory testing, here are some resources you might find helpful: