Test Data Management for SAP Testing

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Test Data Management for SAP Testing

Test data management (TDM) is one of the critical capabilities that helps an organization evolve automated tests to continuous tests. It’s impossible to achieve a mature Continuous Testing process unless you have an effective, tightly-integrated way to create, manage, and provision the data required for your tests. A successful TDM strategy is required for both end-to-end regression testing as well as load testing (covered later in this chapter).

However, obtaining and applying appropriate test data has always been challenging. It’s especially tricky when you’re testing complex scenarios—for example, when an account must be in a certain state before you can exercise some core functionality, or when order status changes multiple times throughout the course of a single transaction. And the more frequently you run tests (think of testing integrated into CI), the more difficult it becomes to ensure that the tests have access to the necessary range of fresh, unexpired test data.

Now, data privacy regulations like GDPR are further complicating an already-complex situation by forcing companies to abandon the most common test data management approach: using test data extracted from production environments.

SAP solutions typically require huge amounts of personalized data, not only in production but also for testing. How can you rapidly get the data you need for SAP testing—especially now that GDPR means any extracted production data must be masked? 

Test Data Management for SAP Testing [Lightning Talk]

In this lightning talk—recorded at SAP SAPPHIRE 2018— Andreas Guentherexplores TDM challenges endemic to SAP testing, and presents strategies for overcoming those challenges. 

Key Takeaways on SAP Testing Test Data Management

  • Studies have shown that 50-70% of a testing teams’ manual testing efforts are consumed by obtaining and preparing test data. To remove the greatest amount of manual efforts, look for a test data management solution that can span the entire process—from the request for test data, to the provisioning of test data, to injecting the proper test data into the test cases
  • There are a number of ways to access production data from SAP systems. 1) Access and generate test data via the modern oData protocol (SAP API) 2) Directly extract data from SAP tables via the RFC protocol 3) Invoke SAP BAPIs and function modules 4) Extract data from SAP queries 5) Extract SAP BW objects (BEx queries) 6) Using Batch Input techniques for background processing / data generation
  • If those don’t work, you can use the native interface to the underlying database. However, that does not ensure that the SAP system functions are always maintained.
  • Today’s business systems don’t stop at SAP—they include mainframes, mobile, APIs etc. It’s critical to have a test data management solution and SAP testing tools that ensure consistent test data across the complete environment.

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