Mobile testing

Testing Mobile, with the Right Test Data

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the right test data prepared and ready to go whenever you needed it? In one of my current projects, I used Test Data Management (TDM) to handle all of my test data issues.

At some point in almost all of my projects, we face the problem of getting the right test data to the System under Test. However, with the right use of TDM, we could handle test data at any time. Let me explain this using an example.

Right now I am testing a mobile App for Android and iOS Devices. For some of the test cases we need an Admin User to make changes to the company profile. Now you would think, “Ok no problem, I will create a new Admin User manually and use this user for testing”. But think of what will happen if you dump your database before the test phase, or the Admin-Account is corrupted for some reason. Wouldn’t it be better if we just generated an Admin User for our test cases for every test phase?

That’s what we have done to solve this problem. The first test cases in our execution list are used to test the registration process. After we have successfully registered, we pick one of our new users and assign him to the user group admin. Than we save the new Information in TDM, so whenever I need an Admin user, Tosca will pick the right user information.

We used the same approach for every other test case (e.g. testing the checkout process). That’s how easily you can handle your test data. TDM allows you to create synthetic test data that is customized to meet the specific needs of your individual test cases.

My Top Tip: If you need multiple email addresses (for the registration process for example), Google Gmail offers you all the functionality you need to handle that. Just create a new Gmail Account like Now if you add +1 ( to your local part, you will receive the emails to the same inbox. By knowing this syntax and the power of Tosca you won’t need a new email account to test the registration process for your application anymore.