The Results Are In: Your 2018 Tricentis Testing Heroes

Tricentis Testing Heroes 2018 has officially come to a close.

After two grueling months of evaluating hundreds of nominations, and counting tens of thousands of votes, we now have our winners for each award category.

Below the results, you’ll find some additional interesting metrics around this incredibly popular campaign, some upcoming Testing Heroes-related content you may want to look out for, and an opportunity to help us make next year’s awards even bigger.

A lot of you have been more than patient while waiting for us to reveal the final standings, so without further adieu, here are your 2018 Top 5 finishers in each award category.

Tester of the Year

1st: Kishore Chandolu, Capgemini
2nd: Jacob Villegas, Experian
3rd: Ashish Yadav, Accenture
4th: Dharmalingam Krishnan, Moolya Testing
5th: Shweta Khaniwale, Capgemini

Test Manager of the Year

1st: Mukesh Singh
2nd: Hari Jaganathan, Woolworths
3rd: Serge Wolf, Infometis AG
4th: Gaurav Arora, Telstra
5th: Mike Lyles, Bridgetree

“The Automator” (Test Automation Expert of the Year) 

1st: Braulio Obando, Experian
2nd: Angie Jones, Applitools
3rd: Rakesh Kondreddy, Elucian
4th: Damini Singh, Wipro
5th: Paul Grizzaffi, Magenic

“The Explorer” (Exploratory Tester of the Year)

1st: Arnika Hryszko, SJSI – Polish Testing Board
2nd: Elisabeth (Lisi) Hocke
3rd: Emily Byrnes, ScholarRx
4th: Nilesh Kachawar, Infosys
5th: Onkar Kumar, SQS Group

“The Performer” (Performance Tester of the Year)

1st: Mark Tomlinson
2nd: Rahul Verma, Test Mile
3rd: Leandro Melendez, Qualitest
4th: Abhishek Shukla
5th: Delvis Echeverria, FieldEdge & SQA Advisory

“The Risk-o-Meter” (Risk-based Tester of the Year)

1st: Smita Mishra, QAzone Infosystems
2nd: Steve Lindsell, Commonwealth Bank Australia
3rd: Rodin Ghosh, Linde AG
4th: Farhan Hasanali, GM Financial
5th: Nadeem Shaikh

So, how did we get here? How were these outstanding individuals ultimately chosen?

For starters:

    1. More than 2,000 nominations were submitted for more than 700 unique individual nominees.
    1. We, painstakingly, trimmed that list down to 65 finalists spread across 18 different countries.
    1. Our finalists and anyone who’d nominated someone who was chosen to be a finalist were notified of the good news and urged to encourage their personal, professional, and social networks to not only vote but also to encourage their networks to do the same.
    1. Over the 4 next weeks, 52,000(!) votes were submitted via online ballots.
  1. Given that these awards were designed by testers, and for testers, three days were spent going over the vote totals for each finalist, looking for any evidence of automation, voter fraud, duplicate votes, or other fraudulent activity.

And that brings us to today!

We couldn’t be more excited to meet the winners and runners-up for Tester of the Year and Test Manager of the Year in person at Accelerate Vienna 2018 next month in Vienna, Austria. We’ve also invited all of our finalists to join us on some future episodes of our podcast, Continuous Testing Live. We’d love to dedicate an episode to each of our award categories where we can learn what being a “Testing Hero” means to each group of individuals—and what it means to the rest of their organizations.

In closing, we’ve said this a million times, but Testing Heroes 2018 really did exceed any of our wildest expectations for just how big it grew. That being said, and with hindsight always being 20/20, we spotted opportunities all throughout the campaign for how to make the program even better in the coming years. We also received numerous awesome suggestions from our nominees that we’ll absolutely look for room to include as well. And if you have suggestions of your own, drop us a line.

Congratulations all of the winners, and, really, all of our finalists, and thank you to the thousands of you who made Testing Heroes 2018 the success that it was.