Tricentis Tosca

The Secret to Tackling Tricentis Tosca Test Automation Challenges

A few weeks ago I received several requests from customers dealing with HTML questions—specifically a buffer within a module that needs to be changed from time to time. When we reached the end of the call, the caller asked how long a Tricentis employee spends in training before being allowed to work with customers.

I replied: “Usually it takes a month. You complete most of our trainings, participate in some coaching sessions, and listen in on 2 or 3 calls.”

He was amazed: “What are you feeding them to be ready that fast? The problems we are facing can sometimes be really complex and there are so many different methods to steer it and engines you can use… Can you only do this because you have all the resources within your office available to you?”

I could not resist telling him the following: “Well, we have many talented people but I will tell you a little secret: we have a special agreement within the services team. Whenever we have issues that cannot be solved within an hour, we immediately set up a call with our specialist team. That special team consists of two engineers (one for the associated engine and one for Tosca Commander), one service member (usually a senior consultant), one manager (on “how to explain the issue to the customer”), one marketing team member (“maybe it’s a feature”) and one trainer (“it could be relevant”). This usually solves all the problems.”

There was silence on the other end, so I continued: “But the other 365 days a year, we search through the support portal, the manual, or try out whatever we know. And if that doesn’t work, we ask the support people because they know how to handle nearly 90% of all problems we are facing within the first level!”

This is a very long introduction for a short conclusion. I know how frustrating technical problems are, and how difficult it can be to find a fast and proper solution.

Here is what I would suggest when you want a fast solution to your Tricentis Tosca test automation challenges:

  • Go to the support portal and search your problem using different terms (which engine, control, steering…)
  • Look up the issue in the manual (it can be found on the support portal)
  • Check the knowledge base articles (You can find them on the support portal)
  • Create a support ticket with our award-winning support team. Put in all the required information and please be patient as they work to help you!