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Top 11 Test Automation Resources of 2016

Test automation is essential to the success of Continuous Testing and DevOps, however, it often falls short of its promises. How do you make sure that your test automation is robust, effective, and easy-to-maintain? As the continuous testing company, Tricentis is on a mission to help your enterprise reach test automation rates of 90% or higher. To make this even easier, we have compiled our top resources on test automation from 2016 into one handy list.

Test Automation: The Future of Testing

“Your testing future depends on your testing present.” Tricentis’ Ingo Philipp explains why manual testers need to adopt test automation to survive the shift to Agile and DevOps.

ExxonMobil Test Automation

Learn how automated testing at ExxonMobil has evolved to revive and optimize an ineffective test automation initiative.

Gartner Test Automation Magic Quadrant

Gartner asserts that as organizations accelerate software delivery, testing “simply cannot keep pace due to a heavy reliance on manual testing processes.” Read the report for their test automation recommendations and 9-tool evaluation.

Forrester Wave: Functional Test Automation

According to Forrester, you “cannot achieve ruthless automation by focusing solely on test execution automation; it also requires automating test design and process orchestration.“ Read the report for their recommendations and 11-tool evaluation.

Infographic: You are the Future of Test Automation

Test automation is going to create job opportunities – not steal them. Check out the infographic to see the future.

Vantiv’s Test Automation Journey

Learn why Vantiv was convinced that Tricentis Tosca was the go-forward test automation tool for enterprise-wide success—including how they demonstrated continuous integration and testing with ALM, Rally, Jenkins, and Tasktop, as well as how they successfully automated more than 15 applications in less than a year.

5 Reasons to Automate Your Testing

Business demands are constantly changing. Learn how test automation can help you to continuously improve your software and ensure rapid quality assurance in software development.

The Future of Testing Webinar Series: Test Automation, Continuous Testing, and “Shift Left” (part 1|part 2|part 3)

This webinar series takes a detailed look at why test automation is so crucial to the future of software testing, and how testing methodology like continuous testing and “shift left” will play a part. Watch the series for an indepth look at where the software testing industry is headed, and how you can make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Why Test Automation Fails

The software testing industry has categorically failed to deliver on the promise of test automation. What is next? And how can we make sure that test automation lives up to its promises?

How the Future of Test Automation Affects You

Software testing is still dominated by manual testing. For enterprises to keep up with the demands of modern software development, continuous testing is a must. Read the whitepaper to learn how the future of software testing will depend on test automation, and what that means for the software testing industry as a whole.

Building a Better Automated Test

Though the idea is ancient in computer years, the majority of tests today are still executed manually. If everyone agrees that test automation is a great – even essential – practice, why hasn’t it caught on more? Read the white paper to learn how the common approaches need to change for test automation to succeed.