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Agile testing

Our top testing resources of 2019

Without strong software testing practices and a culture of quality, enterprises couldn’t launch ambitious initiatives like digital or DevOps transformations without risking the integrity of their products and services. Testing continues to grow both in scope, including everything from mainframe to mobile to back-office applications, and in scale. Testers are increasingly responsible for speed to market, user experience and the gathering of intelligence that supports business growth.  

Despite this, we know that the importance of testing is still often underestimated. To help you ensure testing continues to play its critical role, we’ve gathered our most popular webinars, guides and Accelerate sessions of the year. 

White paper 

Walking the tightrope of an SAP S/4HANA migration: How automation helps you move faster with less risk 

Tricentis and the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) partnered on a study of SAP customers to learn how they understand and approach the risks related to their SAP S/4HANA migration. Anticipating the impacts on their business processes and navigating associated risks is balancing act that can feel like walking a tightrope, especially in highly customized SAP environments. 


Achieve extreme automation with API testing and service virtualization 

API testing is a proven way to accelerate and stabilize testing—and transitioning from UI to API testing is much easier than most testers think. Learn why and how to shift part of your test portfolio to the API layer using a resilient “model-based test automation” approach. 

Analyst research 

Forrester Research on DevOps Quality Metrics that Matter 

Commissioned by Tricentis, Forrester analyzed how DevOps leaders use and value 75 common quality metrics—then identified which metrics matter most for DevOps success. Read this eBook to find out if you’re relying on “overrated” metrics or missing any “hidden gems”, and which metrics are the most significant “DevOps differentiators” separating DevOps leaders from laggards. 


How to build reports that your boss actually reads 

Do your current reporting practices and tools allow you to effectively communicate what you are being asked to deliver and the value your team is providing? Learn how to go beyond the basics so that your reporting highlights your achievements and tells a story that resonates with executives. 

Guides & insights 

Why Jira test management apps don’t work for enterprise testing at scale 

At enterprise scale, Jira test management apps can cause significant performance issues across the entire Jira instance. Although Jira adoption is often the catalyst for testing teams to leave legacy tools behind, testers need equally modern management tools to align workflows and enable true transformation. Read this guide to learn about the tipping point at which performance issues arise, and the alternatives to consider when scaling test automation.  


Achieve intelligent test execution 

Testing teams can spend up to 80% of their time on regression testing. While verifying existing functionality is critical, business leaders are often more concerned with UI tests that validate new features. Learn about an intelligent approach that can help you both eliminate redundancy in your regression suite and segment UI tests to focus on validating these business-critical features first. 

Guides & Insights 

BI/Data warehouse testing: Your top questions answered 

Determining how to get started with BI/data warehouse test automation can be daunting, but this guide takes you through a step by step approach to take out some of the mystery. From pinpointing which part of the end-to-end data flow to start at, to which tests to begin with, this guide explains how to build your BI/data warehouse testing strategy for the greatest chance of success. 


The anatomy of an Agile transformation 

Two product experts (and former testers) share how the Tricentis platform is playing a key role in the creation of modern, end-to-end testing strategies at many leading enterprises.