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The year’s top SAP testing resources (so far)

This year, SAP SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd USA are marking the beginning and end of summer. However, with SAP’s 2025 S/4HANA ultimatum looming large, a true summer break from worrying about SAP—and SAP testing—just isn’t feasible.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve prepared a summer reading list / watch list with our most popular SAP testing resources this year (so far)…

[ASUG WEBINAR] SAP test automation: Why now

We’ve reached an inflection point for SAP test automation. Watch this ASUG webinar to learn why a new approach is critical…and what’s really needed to modernize SAP testing for digital transformation, S/4HANA migration, Agile adoption for SAP projects, and moving SAP workloads to the cloud.

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[CIO.COM ARTICLE] SAP trends to watch: S/4HANA, Agile, Cloud, and testing transformations

Tricentis recently surveyed 848 SAP project leaders to assess enterprises’ top SAP transformation priorities and testing challenges for the next 2 years. We focused on 3 core questions: 1) What are your organization’s top 3 SAP initiatives? 2) What do you think will be the top software testing challenges for SAP environments? 3) What is your general prognosis for SAP test automation? Read this article for an overview of key findings (or jump directly to the complete report).

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[MIGRATION GUIDE] SAP S/4HANA migration guide key steps for faster, safer SAP updates

While upgrading to S/4HANA promises many benefits, it is not without risk. Not only will the migration impact SAP applications, but also the customizations and connected technologies (UIs, APIs, mobile, databases, third-party applications, etc.) that collectively run your business. Poorly planned migrations can lead to cost overruns, system downtimes, security lapses, and other serious business consequences. Whether your migration approach is a new implementation (greenfield approach) or system conversion (brownfield or bluefield approach), this guide will show you how to gain certainty in your roadmap to S/4HANA and avoid false starts and unexpected costs along the way.

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[WEBINAR] Testing SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA: How to solve the top challenges

Ensuring that the “SAP Fiori” experience is a positive one requires testers to master a new set of challenges in the already-complex domain of SAP test automation. Learn about the top challenges to testing SAP Fiori and explore strategies for solving them.

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[BLOG] Tricentis adds new capability for accelerating digital transformation with SAP applications

Traditionally, SAP customers relied on time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks from development, testing, and operations to update their SAP applications. They were already struggling to keep up when SAP upgrades were an annual occurrence, and now that pace is accelerating dramatically. Tricentis LiveCompare helps enterprises get their SAP updates up and running as fast as possible—so they can focus on taking advantage of new capabilities. We now offer fast, automated insight into exactly what changed and how to accommodate those changes. This enables teams to deploy SAP projects 85% faster.

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[ANALYST WEBINAR] Why manual testing creates a bottleneck in SAP environments

Long considered slow and steady, SAP implementations now need to progress at the rapid rates required by Agile digital transformation initiatives. Get analyst Paul Gerard’s perspective on why digital transformation and manual testing don’t mix—and how to achieve the required speed without increased exposure to business risks.

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[GARTNER REPORT] SAP S/4HANA is Not a “Migration” Project – What IT Leaders Need to Know

With SAP’s 2025 S/4HANA ultimatum looming, now is the time to start anticipating what’s really going to be required to 1) Advance the digital transformation initiatives driving the project as a whole 2) Rationalize and optimize business processes for the new platform, 3) Leverage the cloud as a central component of your architecture, and 4)  Adopt an Agile release cadence as well as a culture that embraces frequent change.  SAP estimates that an S/4HANA migration could take 12-18 months. Yet, enterprises who have already initiated the project report that any one of the above transformations (cloud, agile, etc.) could easily take 12-18 months on its own.  Preparation is key for achieving the desired business value while making the process as painless as possible for IT. To get started, read the 2 reports in this new SAP research package.

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[BLOG] New Gartner research for organizations evaluating enterprise/SAP testing tools

Gartner just released a new report comparing 13 SAP test automation tools: “Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation.” While the “Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation” evaluates the major vendors used to accelerate and scale SAP test automation, “Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation” focuses on how the SAP test automation tools themselves compare on the 10 critical capabilities that Gartner selected as the most critical points of comparison.

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