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Tosca Certified Professional Training: Instructor-Led or Self-Paced Learning?

That´s a good question.

…and it is easy to answer.

Many enterprises wonder whether it is worth sending their teams to a training course at the potential loss of up to a week of productivity. The concern is a valid one – many teams are barely staying on top of their product cycles, much less finding themselves with the luxury of additional time.

Particularly in the consulting business teams need to keep up with the demand to optimize their utilization, which then translates into billable hours for their customers.

The ultimate question is however, what will deliver the most benefit to the company in the long run? In the case that a team would clearly benefit from training, is self-paced learning (theoretically allowing for more flexibility) the best option, or should the team be participating in focused and efficient instructor-led courses?

In the end I would argue for the benefits of instructor-led training. Having a trained instructor in the trenches with your team enables a level of hands-on learning and knowledge-transfer that is simply not possible in self-paced learning.

Benefits of instructor-led training

  • Each Tricentis instructor-led training also includes access to the Self-Paced course materials without additional costs. You get the best out of two worlds while participating in a blended learning training style.
  • Guidance and orientation during the training from an experienced trainer.
  • Adaptable speed of training delivery for participants with different levels of knowledge. Participants that are moving more quickly can complete additional exercises.
  • Able to expand on topics relevant to the participants.
  • Able to practice with others and improve the ability to collaborate and work as a team.
  • On average, the time needed for comprehension in the instructor-led courses is lower than in the self-paced courses.

Who should go for the Self-Paced training?

  • Your organization is highly distributed between various locations and time zones so participating in a training at a fixed location is not always convenient or cost-effective.
  • You only have 1 or 2 people to train and could not send them to one of the public training courses.
  • You already know Tosca and just need a little refresher course

To summarize: the instructor-led training is the best value. It is the most effective way to learn with the minimum of time spent and also includes the entire self-paced course content for a blended learning approach.

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