Tricentis acquires Testim, AI-based SaaS test automation platform to accelerate testing


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By Kevin Thompson, CEO, Tricentis

I’m excited to announce that Tricentis has acquired Testim, an AI-based SaaS test automation platform. Testim joins Tricentis’ existing AI-powered continuous testing platform to provide a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to accelerate application development and increase productivity.

Over the past two years, the digital economy has experienced a massive shift due to the global pandemic, supply chain issues, and rapidly changing market conditions. Companies around the world were forced to accelerate their digital business initiatives to grow revenue, deliver a better customer experience, and innovate with new products, services, and business models. This rapid innovation created a catalyst for an explosion of business applications and an even greater dependency upon software.

Tricentis and Testim address these challenges by combining industry leading continuous testing software with SaaS-based test automation to enable customers to produce high-quality, high-performing, and highly secure applications that deliver better business outcomes.

Why Testim?

There are three key differentiators that set Testim apart:

  • Speed of authoring. Testim makes it extremely easy for many types of users (developer, SDET, test engineer, non-technical business user) to create tests. Testim’s technology also understands your app and auto-completes suggested components, saving you the time required to filter through thousands of options.
  • Stable tests that don’t break. When applications change, Testim uses AI-powered locators and compares prior runs to find the best match without requiring human intervention. Rather than wait for tests to fail, Testim proactively improves the locators. The more you run your tests, the more stable they get.
  • Execution at scale. Testim is built around TestOps principles to manage test processes, tools, and team organization at scale. It provides insights to make better decisions and drive process improvements. It lets users set policies to manage change requests, organizational capabilities to assign ownership of tests, and provides insights for clear visibility into quality activities, such as common failures.

Testim specifically extends Tricentis further into DevOps and expands our Saas portfolio, supporting our vision of helping customers drive better business outcomes by producing high-quality, high-performing, and highly secure applications, no matter where or what those apps might be.

I welcome Testim to the Tricentis family, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Tricentis as we continue to expand our portfolio of testing products to empower our customers and fuel our growth.

More information

See our press release for more information about the Testim acquisition.

To learn more about what you can expect from Tricentis and Testim, and how to create resilient end-to-end tests, join the webinar.


Tricentis Staff