Tricentis acquires Tx3 to streamline software delivery for life sciences organizations


Kevin Thompson

Chief Executive Officer, Tricentis

By Kevin Thompson, Chairman and CEO, Tricentis

The life sciences industry is undergoing major change, driven by increasing competitive pressures, digital transformation initiatives, and the need for more streamlined, cost-efficient processes. While life sciences companies seek to reduce the time it takes to bring new products to market, the FDA and other regulatory agencies across the globe help to ensure that the new products are rigorously tested for safety and efficacy.

A comprehensive validation program is a necessity in the life sciences industry to ensure regulatory compliance, and to help companies maintain consistent quality across the software development lifecycle. Now, the complexity of this task is greatly increased as more life science companies adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies.

That is why I am incredibly excited to share that Tricentis has acquired Tx3 to help our customers adapt best practices for ensuring compliance to the accelerated pace of today’s digital environment. By adding Tx3’s Vera solution for digital validation to the Tricentis portfolio, our customers now have access to a computer systems validation approach that is resilient and convenient enough to be practical in the context of constant change. Together, Tricentis and Tx3 will provide an incredibly comprehensive and powerful solution that dramatically improves the validation process so our customers can both meet stringent regulatory requirements and achieve their digital transformation goals.

Why Tx3?

Industry-leading technology

Tx3 Vera is a leading digital validation platform for life sciences and healthcare organizations that enables software delivery teams working in this highly regulated environment to integrate digital validation and compliance management with Agile and DevOps workflows. With this addition to the Tricentis portfolio, our customers in life sciences and healthcare will benefit from proven technologies designed specifically for their needs.

Quality at speed

Vera offers a significant improvement over the manual, document-centric approach many organizations rely on for validation. Not only is the traditional approach time-consuming and expensive, it also can be difficult to track, adding stress to audit requests. Vera enables organizations to automate the validation process with configurable workflows and controls that are integrated into the software delivery process. With this solution, software delivery teams can track regulatory compliance with access to real-time data and audit history, while dramatically reducing the time and expense associated with traditional validation methods. Combined with Tricentis’ powerful test automation capabilities, organizations in life sciences how have access to a tailored solution that helps them release compliant, high-quality software at the speed today’s world demands.

Proven track record

Vera is a true digital validation platform that integrates with best-in-class testing tools, including Tricentis qTest and Tricentis Tosca. Through this integration, Tricentis and Tx3 have helped countless customers implement a common UI and approval workflow to significantly accelerate software delivery. As Vera joins the Tricentis portfolio, we will continue to enhance and extend these integrations to establish a common system of record for compliance across the development and testing toolchain.

Please join me in welcoming Tx3 to the Tricentis community by registering for our upcoming webinar on March 22. In this webinar, we’ll share what this acquisition means for our customers and the life sciences industry, as well as the key Vera capabilities that can help you modernize your software delivery and compliance processes.


Kevin Thompson