The Road to Agile: Tricentis’ Agile Development Journey

Tricentis has been following a “road to Agile” for the past couple of years. We have gone down that route for quite some time, celebrating successes and facing setbacks. In this blog post series we will explain why we did what we did, how we did it, and last but not least, what we did (following Simon Sinek’s mantra: “people don’t buy what you do – they buy why you do it”).

Every business is a software business.

It was not always like this, but in recent years IT and software departments transformed from being the nerds you kept in your basement, responsible for some important but internal facing systems (“of record”), to well-regarded teams crucial for your business’ success and responsible for customer facing systems (“of innovation”). The Agile and DevOps movements are a direct result of this fact. You had to get away from big bang releases that put you behind your rivals to quick updates that gave you the competitive edge you needed to succeed. Your development department is in the spotlight now, every day.

Quality at Speed.

At Tricentis we saw a similar change over the years. As we were growing, we realized that we needed to change to keep a competitive advantage – we could not afford to be slow and rigid. We, also, had to transform and be (more) Agile. We are true believers of what we are preaching to our customers – and now we are living through the changes ourselves. We are not completely there yet, but we can already clearly see the results of our transformation: while our competitors just seem to defend what they have, we are constantly adding to our product – with quality and at increasingly high speed.

You can’t buy culture.

Where did we start? What’s the first and most important factor for success within an Agile transition? How did we manage the first turn on our road to Agile? Unfortunately, (as expected) the most important change is also the most difficult one –  your culture needs to allow and support the Agile transition. At Tricentis we believe in and live the following set of core values on every level in the organization and with every move we make:

  • Customer Success
  • Innovation
  • Trust & Responsibility
  • Open Communication
  • Togetherness

Notice how they are in line with the Agile manifesto – what a fantastic coincidence. 🙂

Also as you can see, an engineering mind set, a focus on moving the product ahead with continued innovation on the one hand but the customers’ success in mind on the other hand, is deeply engrained in Tricentis’ culture. Every team member supports this set of core values. This is the main contributing factor for our success on the road to Agile.