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Tricentis Awarded for “Customer Obsession” in Support Services

The “age of the customer” has brought new opportunities for businesses willing to shift to a customer obsession mindset. However, that mindset on its own isn’t enough to meet the accelerated demands of today’s customers. While some businesses will stop short at only ensuring their products and services evolve to meet customer expectations, those that truly succeed will also ensure that the way they deliver those solutions also evolves.

Forbes contributor Anthony Smith describes the importance and urgency behind this transformation in his article, “Building A Customer-Obsessed Culture.” Smith writes:

Customers expect you to anticipate their needs and orchestrate meaningful interactions that create real value for them—not just marketing and sales opportunities for yourself. And if their interactions aren’t personalized and unique, they will take their business elsewhere—in a heartbeat.

Tricentis’ Global Support team recognized an opportunity to contribute to a holistic customer obsession mindset by modernizing how they delivered their particular services to a rapidly growing customer base. The success of this ambitious modernization effort has resulted in more than $7 million in savings to date, and Tricentis was recently presented with the Best Practices in Support Services STAR award by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).

We recently sat down with the VP and Director of Tricentis’ Global Support, Alexander Mundorff and Oliver Allabauer, to learn more about the transformation of our support services, and how this shift doesn’t just meet the needs of our customers but exceeds them.

Tricentis Director Global Support, Oliver Allabauer, TSIA VP Research and Support Services, Judy Platz, and Alexander Mundorff, VP Global Support

Noel: Congratulations on winning the 2018 Best Practices in Support Services STAR award! What does this recognition mean for you and your team?

Alexander: Thank you. Just being named a finalist for this award was a really big deal, and winning is an honor that we’re very proud of. The TSIA’s STAR awards are the biggest recognition for Support worldwide, and winning was the result of tremendous dedication and hard work by this entire team.

Oliver: Like Alex said, our Global Support Services team earned this with a continued focus on a continuous improvement process that really began back in 2014.

Noel: What made this year’s awards the right time to enter?

Alexander: Over the last couple of years we really invested heavily into Tricentis Support and our infrastructure. This allowed us to move away from a traditional tier-based approach to a swarming model that’s far more agile and collaborative. This led to a measurable, positive impact on our customers.

As for what made this the right time to shoot for the TSIA awards, we were already a 5-time winner and hall of fame member of ASP’s Ten Best Support Sites, but we knew we now had a really good story backed up with hard data that we knew was worth getting out there.

Oliver: That story focuses on two big points, one of which Alex just mentioned in that we’ve been able to introduce a tierless, collaborative support model and successfully roll that out globally. The other point is that this is a strengthened solution that does more than impact our channel mix, profit margin, and value proposition. We’re empowering our customers with an easily accessible, convenient user experience across all of our self-service options.

Noel: Let’s talk a bit about what Tricentis’ self-service Support model looks like. What ways can customers access the information or help that they need?

Alexander: We offer livechat, email, online forums, and phone support so our customers can choose their preferred channel. Also, our self-service content is not gated and therefore is gathered/indexed by Google. This way all our content, whether it be knowledge base articles, documentation, forum posts, videos, can all be easily found via searching the web.

Oliver: As mentioned before, accessibility is key. You can have the greatest content in the world, but when it can’t be easily found, and time is wasted by trying to track it down when you need a quick solution or answer to a question, user experience takes a big hit. We also provide dynamic self-help content directly to our users when they create an incident or open a chat session. This leads to super fast service delivery and value creation, while also being beneficial from an internal margin/profit perspective.

Alexander: Exactly. And while our self-service Support model is the least expensive channel we provide, it’s increasingly become the preferred channel of customers throughout our industry, and reports from the TSIA support this. This approach has also freed up our Support agents to more time mastering the latest Tricentis Tosca features, documenting recently solved issues in a new knowledge base article, and other activities that lead to even better support in the future.

Noel: Lastly, What are some of the new features and capabilities around Support that you’re most excited about customers being able to leverage?

Alexander: There’s really a lot that we’re proud to offer our customers in regards to the high-level support that we provide our outstanding customers. Some that come to mind are:

    1. Our new transactional survey implementation: With this implementation, we are now even closer to the customer. Direct feedback, regardless if positive or negative, can be linked to the incident and the assigned agent. This level of insight helps us continuously improve our agents’ performance.
    1. Redesign of our Support portal: While we’ve got a lot of new features, a number of our existing most popular offerings are still here and are available through a support portal that’s being redesigned to make it even more state of the art than it already is today.
  1. New ways to engage: The feedback we get from both our customers and the testing industry at large is invaluable. Along with new ways to submit your own great ideas to our organization, and new opportunities to “Ask an Expert” your Tricentis Tosca-related questions, we’ve got some exciting upcoming channels for engaging with us in unique ways.

Oliver: As Alexander said, there’s a lot to be excited about from a Global Support Services perspective.

    1. New licensed self-service capabilities: Our users can now fully administer their Tosca licenses in Tricentis Cloud or on-premises.
  1. Important implementation parameters: We offer seamless integration of all systems with consistent UI, SSO, and fully mobile-ready infrastructure with responsive design. We’re also thrilled to provide enhanced risk-based reporting and data analytics capabilities to draw data-driven conclusions and calls-to-action.

In general, I am most delighted that Tricentis is now not only recognized as a thought leader when it comes to software testing but also as a driver of innovation when it comes to customer success and customer experience. Ensuring the delivery of proposed value really does require thinking outside of the box, and we’ve done that by creating a very diverse global team of testing and service experts who leverage innovative concepts and leading-edge technology.