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Tricentis and CIO Magazine Share Why Prioritizing Software Quality is Essential for Business Success

Digital transformation is at the top of every CIO’s 2018 to-do list, and DevOps is one of the key strategies they are using to accelerate the software development lifecycle, deliver digital customer experiences and unlock new revenue streams. But not all CIOs have taken the time to consider that QA can be a strategic enabler of the DevOps transition — and by extension, of business success.

Earlier this month, Tricentis’s Director of Product Ryan Yackel joined CIO Magazine, along with cPrime’s resident DevOps expert Brandon Cipes, to explain how prioritizing software quality in DevOps environments can give CIOs an edge. Watch the webinar on demand: Why Prioritizing Quality is Essential for Business Success.

QA has traditionally been perceived as a bottleneck, Yackel explains, but in a DevOps environment, prioritizing quality can actually increase speed to market. A key tenet of DevOps is automating multiple facets of the software development lifecycle to speed time to market. With the accelerated release timelines that DevOps enables, it is especially important to ensure that quality is integrated with development. Aligning QA and developers to ensure code is tested as it is written can help catch errors before they have the opportunity to grow into issues that take days or weeks to resolve. And that helps get products to market not only faster, but also with less expense.

There are several ways that a properly enabled QA team can help ensure a faster time to market in DevOps environments, Yackel explains. In the webinar, he and Cipes present a model for assessing the maturity of your current quality initiatives, then share steps CIOs and VPs can take toward a strategic, integrated approach to quality.

For more information, read the Tricentis guide on this subject: How Prioritizing Software Quality Can Lead to Business Success