Employee perspectives

Tricentis for Newcomers: A Little Google

What does the first day of work at Tricentis look like?

My name is Lise, I am an apprentice at the French bank Société Générale. I am currently in the midst of engineering studies and spent one month at Tricentis in Austria for an internship. The internship aims are to understand how companies implement Tosca Testsuite into their business environments, as well as participating in some of Tricentis projects and improving my Tosca skills.

My first impression of Tricentis was of a European Google-like company. The employees, known as the Tricentix, work in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, US, France, Switzerland, and beyond – all coming together in Vienna as the center point of the company.

Tricentis is a large family. Everybody is friendly and encourages you to call each other by their first name. In fact, calling each other by first name is part of the company culture policy.

When you arrive at Tricentis, the first person you meet is the cheerful Kathi.

Then, your manager and the HR team will walk you around the office to introduce you to the whole company and your future colleagues. So many of the people I met were quick to say, “Welcome to Tricentis and enjoy your time here!”

To reach the internship objectives, I worked with several teams such as Support, the Methodology team, and the Business Consultants team. I got the chance to participate in Tricentis’ daily operations.

A typical day as an intern at Tricentis looked like:

  • 9:00: beginning of the work day
  • 9:00 to 10:00: prepare for the meeting(s) of the day and research information about Tricentis
  • 10:00 – 12:00: Meeting with a representative team (Support or Methodology); presentations, and working on Tosca activities
  • 12:00 – 13:00: lunch
  • Afternoon: work in autonomy on Tosca topics discussed in the morning or on other activities

Between each activity, I took advantage of the several places the Tricentix have to enjoy their breaks, such as the social room with video games, table foosball, darts, books, and more. And the balcony with a wonderful view of Vienna.

Among the most valuable things I learned at Tricentis were the customer relationship activities (from the Proof of Concept to the Support team activities) and more about the Austrian culture (how meetings proceed, work environments, etc.). I am very lucky to have done my internship at Tricentis, have met the teams, understand the company, and learn a test automation tool that is becoming more and more well known.