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Tricentis Named One of the Hottest in Enterprise DevOps

When the term “DevOps” was coined 9 years ago, testers had some defendable skepticism around where they fit into this transformative approach to software delivery. With testing’s absence from this new portmanteau, enterprises raced to invest heavily in the modernization of their Development and Operations teams. But by failing to realize that testing would need the same transformation, many failed to reach the accelerated delivery speeds and consistently-high code quality that DevOps promised.

Jump to today, and testing is no longer being left in the cold.

Business Insider recently announced the “18 Hottest Companies in DevOps,” and, thanks to the enterprise’s rapid adoption of Continuous Testing, Tricentis made the grade.

Even with as quickly as tech evolves, it would’ve been difficult to imagine Tricentis fitting among the likes of Microsoft, Cisco’s AppDynamics, Red Hat and some others in this list a few short years ago. But Tricentis has evolved just as quickly. We’ve moved from being “just” a test automation startup to being recognized each year as the Continuous Testing leader by the likes of Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and our rapidly-growing customer base—whom we wouldn’t receive this recognition without.

An overuse of buzzwords like agile, DevOps, test automation, and cloud by tech marketers often results in eyerolls by actual practitioners. Continuous Testing, however, has eclipsed the marketing hype machine and has been determined by many as a critical component to successful DevOps or digital transformation initiatives in today’s enterprises.

Being well-aware that even a relatively new concept like Continuous Testing is already evolving right before our eyes, we recently featured something we called “The Great Debate” at our 2018 Accelerate conferences in Vienna and San Francisco (video recaps for each are available here). In these spirited discussions, Tricentis’ founder, Wolfgang Platz, was joined on-stage by two strongly-opinionated individuals to discuss who is responsible for software quality—developers or testers—in DevOps, and what role testing plays in protecting the customer journey.

From quickly-scaling startups to old-guard tech giants, the SaaS market is white-hot these days with vendors looking to capitalize on the DevOps boom. And while the hottest DevOps providers may change from one year to the next, delivering a solution that continues to keep pace with agile and DevOps’ own evolutions means Tricentis is here to stay.

Download a complimentary copy of the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation to explore how agile and DevOps are altering the expectations for software testing.