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Tricentis partners with The ACT Framework to develop best practices for scaling Continuous Testing in the enterprise

Tricentis is pleased to announce our platinum partnership with The Accelerated Continuous Testing Framework (ACT). The ACT Framework is an independent organization of software testing professionals whose goal is to establish and share best practices for scaling automated continuous testing throughout an enterprise. 

The increased speed of software delivery requires continuous testing, but today’s testing practices don’t support it. ACT was founded to address that gap, according to a new white paper. The white paper outlines a standard framework that offers enterprises a blueprint for scaling continuous testing. It outlines the roles, processes, capabilities and tools organizations will need to transform their testing practices at the team, program and enterprise levels.

Enterprises across the globe must answer this question: How can they continue to innovate and deliver software as quickly as possible while maintaining the quality of their products? The solution requires a testing strategy built on a solid foundation of strong values, a collective mindset and a clear vision. 

“The ACT Framework is built on the belief that testing is everyone’s responsibility,” said Christian Plaichner, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Tricentis. “Rather than concentrating testing resources and efforts at the end of the development cycle, enterprises can save themselves considerable time and effort — and dramatically increase product quality — by embedding quality into every development process throughout the organization.”

According to Kevin Dunne, General Manager at TestProject, “By joining this impressive roster of partners, we are committed to incorporate the ACT Framework’s product-agnostic best practices into our market leading free test automation platform. Now, users of TestProject can use the ACT framework to outline their journey from creating their first test all the way through continuous testing maturity.”

Tricentis joins other testing industry leaders NarwalTasktopThe Testing Consultancy and Nous Infosystemsin sponsoring and collaborating on The ACT Framework. ACT will continue to develop resources and best practices, with input from developers, testers, organizations and the wider community.

Plaichner continues, “We urge software development professionals to explore what The ACT Framework can do for their development cycles—and their bottom line.”