Tricentis Q2 2021 release wave raises the bar for testing enterprise applications


Clint Sprauve

Product Marketing Director

Date: May. 20, 2021

New Tosca 14.2, Data Integrity 14.2, qTest 10.4, and Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow releases are available now.

Enhanced enterprise packaged application testing

The Q2 2021 release wave includes the following new capabilities for testing enterprise applications.

  • SAP S/4HANA Upgrade Analysis. Customers running SAP S/4HANA can breathe easier when it’s time to update their S/4HANA applications. LiveCompare 4.4 includes a new SAP HANA Upgrade Analysis feature that automatically identifies the impacts of upgrading to new versions of S/4HANA on development and testing. When integrated with Tricentis Tosca, this new feature also identifies the tests you need to run or create to reduce the risk of the upgrade.
  • Developer Impact Analysis. LiveCompare’s Analyze ABAP Quality (AAQ) engine now supports improved rules within Missing Code, Performance, Security, and other categories, eliminating false positives while reporting on potential errors and warnings that cause defects in production.
  • UI5 application scanning without HTML results. To make it easier to build automated tests for SAP UI5 applications, you now have the option to scan UI5 applications in Tosca 14.2 without seeing HTML/XBrowser controls in the results.
  • Support for testing SAP GUI 7.70 and SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) 7.70. Tosca 14.2 includes support for the latest versions of these UIs.
  • Support for testing editable combo boxes in SAP SuccessFactors. Tosca 14.2 includes support for the new editable combo boxes that have recently been introduced in SAP SuccessFactors.

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Localization and globalization testing. Customers who localize their Salesforce applications can execute the same Salesforce test cases in multiple languages using Tosca 14.2, eliminating the need to create, run, and maintain separate versions of tests for each application language.


Oracle EBS enhancements. Tosca 14.2 includes enhancements to its Oracle EBS engine that make it easier to test Oracle EBS applications.

  • Integrations with ServiceNow DevOps and Jenkins. This enables users to push code from development to production and automate the change request process.
  • Improved developer workflow. Tricentis Test Automation for ServiceNow 2.24 adds unit tests directly within all configuration changes and calculate test case code coverage for all items within an update set.
  • New Test Automation Agent. This feature offers a single path to execute tests locally and unattended.
  • Visual Studio Code plugin. Developers can now write and execute tests while automatically keeping them in sync with ServiceNow development and the TTA repository.
  • Improved installation process. This provides users an easier way to install and manage components.

Vision AI, Data Integrity and Tosca engine upgrades

Building best in class, easy-to-use, AI-powered test automation is our mission at Tricentis. At the core of this mission is to deliver reliable, flexible, and resilient technologies to support all your testing efforts. In this release, we’re delivering several engine upgrades that improve the overall experience of our platform:

  • Deeper Vision AI and TBox integration: You can now use XBuffer in your Vision AI test cases – a popular functionality in Tosca that enables you to read dynamic values from an application and use them in test case verification and validation. You can also enjoy enhanced steering capabilities of tab bars and trees, scrolling within controls, better Regex matching – all in all, delivering you more resilient automation.
  • Geo distribution: Customers get improved response time and performance during their automation, and also have more sovereignty over their data. We have made this possible by distributing the nexus server across the US, Australia and Europe in order to move Vision AI cloud services closer to our customers.
  • Improved data gathering and feature flagging: Customers can now opt in to enable the Vision AI network to gather data such as screenshots and thereby improve Vision AI’s resilience over time in detecting objects against new software builds. This feature is also the driving force behind Self-Healing AI, which is available for selected beta customers. Are you interested in trying it out? Please contact your Customer/Partner Success Manager.

Data Integrity is getting more versatile

  • Support for Cobol, which means you can now test data exports from mainframe applications into data lakes and data warehouses.
  • Support for custom data sources, which lets you add data sources that aren’t already supported by Data Integrity out of the box.

Enterprise scale – Tosca engine enhancements

  • Tosca Rescan: customers can now enjoy faster and easier maintenance of modules through an enhanced rescan feature that does not override custom properties values after rescanning them.
  • PuTTY applications: You asked for it, now you now have it at your fingertips! We’re happy to announce we have built a TBox PuTTY engine to ensure support for PuTTY automation.
  • Improved table steering for Oracle EBS apps: Automation has now become easier and a lot more robust for dynamic tables with scroll bars. Read more about Oracle test automation.
  • Microsoft Excel reports: For auto-generated reports, you can now verify the correctness of the report structure through the enhanced capabilities of the “1:1 Excel File Compare” module.

qTest performance and user management improvements

Enterprise customers continue to rely on qTest to streamline their test management activities across packaged and custom applications. We’ve been working hard to improve performance and collaboration for enterprise-scale deployments.

In qTest 10.4, we’ve added:

  • Group sync for LDAP and qTest, making it easier for administrators to define and enforce user permissions across the organization via automation.
  • Numerous API Improvements including enhanced search capabilities, tighter Jira integration, additional test log fields, and full Site Field management.
  • Streamlined SSO for users through a simpler login process that gets users where they need to be with ease.
  • Increased test run traceability by recording the exact timestamp and tester that executes each test step within a test run.
  • VERA integration enhancements to approve automated test cases and test runs.

Tricentis NeoLoad enterprise performance testing enhancements

In case you missed it, Tricentis released NeoLoad 7.9 in April.

NeoLoad 7.9 introduces automatic license lease management, greater real-time reporting collaboration, simplified Dynatrace integration configuration, export of test results data in structured format from the Python CLI and more.

Feature details:

  • Automatic license leasing at runtime: NeoLoad automatically leases your license at the beginning of each test, simplifying the execution of everyday use cases.
  • Real-time reporting collaboration: Share a dynamic link to any report so anyone can review the most up-to-date results. Plus, now access, sort and filter all your dashboards from a single page.
  • Dynatrace integration enhancements: Configuring and validating the initial Dynatrace integration is now easier, also with enhanced security features.
  • Python CLI improvements: Export test result data in structured format for easy filtering, manipulation and import into other systems and processes.
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Clint Sprauve

Product Marketing Director

Date: May. 20, 2021