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Tricentis qTest Release: UI Enhancements, JBehave Test Automation, and Python Script Generation

To start off April 2017, we have some exciting new features we just released. If you have any questions or would like more information, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Do you have a feature you’d like to see in the Tricentis qTest Platform? You can submit your feature request on our Support Site.

JBehave Integration for Tricentis qTest Manager

JBehave is out latest test automation integration that allows you to consolidate your JBehave tests into Tricentis qTest Manager. From Tricentis qTest Manager, you can set your tests to be executed overnight and/or on a recurring schedule.

Want to get started with JBehave and Tricentis qTest Manager? Click the support link to get started.

Tricentis qTest Explorer Automation Support for Python

Earlier this year we released the automated script generator for Tricentis qTest Explorer for help teams accelerate their automated test conversion. Since its inception, we have added support for Protractor and Selenium frameworks including C# and Java. In this latest release, we have just added support for Python that you can see below.

UI Enhancements to Tricentis qTest Explorer Session Manager

We have made some great new UI enhancements to the Tricentis qTest Explorer Session Manager, allowing for faster reviews and more customized file exporting.

To access your completed Explorer sessions, you simply need to click on the session link ID. This allows you to see all property values, linked objects, environment details and more, in one consolidated view.

When exporting the environment details, we now allow you to select the exact information you want before you export. This allows for a cleaner file export and more customization around what the specific data you want to download.