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Tricentis Tosca Usability and Flexibility Advancements, Exploratory Testing, Mobile Device Clouds & More

The latest Tricentis Tosca release delivers the best in usability and flexibility – making it faster and easier to accomplish all of your quality objectives. For this release we launched our new Exploratory Testing for Jira, and introduced some powerful new features, such as mobile test execution on device clouds, a new License Administrator and many more features to streamline testing and help you become more agile. Here are some highlights from our latest release:

Exploratory Testing for Atlassian JIRA

For years now, teams have been using Tricentis Tosca Exploratory Testing to facilitate the fast feedback and easy collaboration critical for fast-paced agile processes. The new Exploratory Testing for JIRA add-on (available on the Atlassian Marketplace) brings Tricentis Exploratory Testing into Atlassian JIRA. Your team can easily plan test sessions, automatically record test actions with annotated screenshots and videos, and instantly share detailed results directly from JIRA.

New License Administrator

Many multinational enterprises have requested centralized management for all their Tricentis Tosca licenses. In response, we created the new License Administrator: a centralized interface for managing all on-premise license servers, reviewing all current licenses, and revoking licenses if needed.


Mobile Test Execution on Device Clouds

Sauce Labs is a market-leading device cloud platform, as well as the main contributor to the Appium project. Since Appium is the core of the Tricentis Mobile Engine 3.0, a Sauce Labs integration is the perfect complement to Tricentis Tosca’s testing capabilities. You can now execute Tricentis Tosca tests on any device in the Sauce Labs cloud. Also, you can now use the Tricentis Mobile Engine to test the latest and greatest iOS and Android versions.

Requirements Structured based on your Needs and Preferences

Risk-based testing is essential to making sure that you create and execute the right test cases, saving you considerable time, effort and money. With today’s increasingly complex delivery requirements, it’s not uncommon to have different risk profiles associated with different release configurations. To enable flexible risk reporting, we now enable you to structure your requirements based on your needs and preferences—through team folders, product type, or whatever works best for you. Additionally, a fuzzy search is also available—making it much easier to search and build up your requirements.

What else?

Fast Help with Functions

The ‘Function Finder’ is one of the many features added to optimize usability and improve your user experience. The Function Finder enables you to quickly find functions and understand how to use them. It also helps you format the functions to increase test case stability.

One-Click Reusable Test Step Blocks

Continuing our mission to help you reduce test suite maintenance, we’re introducing a way to create Reusable Test Step Blocks with just one click. There is no need to manually create business parameters.

Reusable Test Step Blocks reduce the need for maintenance by letting you reuse common test sequences—with just one click!

If you’re already a Tricentis Tosca user, contact your representative for details on how to upgrade. If you’re not yet using Tricentis Tosca, you can start your free trial today.