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Tricentis Training: Cross Browser Test Automation

Hey guys, it’s Max again. I am writing to share with you my experience having just finished Tricentis’ new Cross Browser Test Automation (CBTA) training course.

I had already completed the first steps of Cross Browser testing within the Tricentis Certified Professional (TCP) course. The CBTA course expands on everything you have already learned from TCP to create a specialized course on automating cross browser tests.

I started off by using the XScan to scan the demo Webshop and rebuild the modules. At first it felt like I would just be destroying my previous work, but I was wrong. It worked perfectly! Scan the module, select the controls within the DIV, and go get a coffee with all the time you just saved.

A huge benefit of this training is how it uses pre-provided modules from Tricentis. Tricentis calls it an Aidpack and it is super helpful if you are automating different engines and programs. For example, with an input you now can do things like open a program, supply dialogs, set buffers, and use the window action modes, etc.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers from the course, but you will learn how to use simple functions, like {MATH[]}, the usage of Libraries, recovery strategies, “Wait On” and much more.

The second part of the training is a little bit shorter than the first one. It covers the topics of constraint, dynamic ID’s, settings and options. I want to mention two things in particular at this point: First the TQL. The TQL is a little complex (but nevertheless manageable), but if you master it (and with a little bit of practice you can do it!), the benefits are enormous.

Secondly, I want to mention the Parameter section. Within this section you can change the whole workflow, a module, or even a complete Teststep. It is a powerful section of Tosca Testsuite. If you change Parameters with a guide or with the understanding of what it is about, there won’t be any problems. But be careful! Just clicking about can accidentally result in destroying a whole common repository.

Don’t be scared though! That is what the training courses are all about – making sure you are a Tosca Testsuite expert.

Well, in my last paragraph I always challenge you to beat me, and today I wouldn’t miss it. Can you beat my score?

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