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Introducing the Tricentis User Community for Software Testing Professionals

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us rely on online communities to connect and collaborate.  A virtual community provides a close-knit and secure online place where likeminded people can interact, share information, and inspire each other.  Online communities help you cut through the noise and connect with digital audiences across the world.

Tricentis is excited to join the many leading companies that offer virtual communities for users, partners, and employees to collaborate and exchange ideas/best practices in real time. We are passionate about software testing, and we hope that this interactive platform will become the “go to” community for software testing professionals from far and wide.

Here is how Sandeep Johri, Tricentis CEO, announced the public availability of Tricentis User Community ( during his Accelerate 2018 keynote:

What is Tricentis User Community?

Tricentis User Community is a comprehensive online platform for quick and seamless information-sharing, interaction, and collaboration. Our mission is to help testers & QA professionals learn, share, and grow.  This gated online platform is a one-stop destination for engaging in meaningful discussions on all Tricentis testing tools and solutions. It also helps you stay on top of all the latest software testing industry trends, innovations and insights.

Tricentis customers, partners, and employees can access this free, state-of-the-art learning platform to take software testing and quality assurance to the next level.  This user-driven community includes experts and testing champions who can answer your questions and provide quality information in a timely and relevant manner. It is a thriving and vibrant online space where testers and QA professionals can swap tips and best practices, post and answer questions, share valuable comments, and make friends along the way.

The solutions and ideas shared on the platform will be aggregated to build a searchable knowledge base that every registered user can access and share.


If you are already a registered user of, you can log in to Tricentis User Community with the same login credentials. If not, create your credentials on, then log in to the User Community and get started.

Make Use of the Forums

This verified members-only community includes a wide variety of forums, such as Tricentis Tosca, Tricentis qTest, and Tricentis Flood. From implementing Tricentis Tosca for SAP testing to getting started with test automation, Tricentis User Community can provide answers to your top questions.

What to Expect

  • After you submit a question, our technical experts and other community members will respond right away.
  • Whether you are asking questions or answering them, Tricentis User Community is an effective go-to-platform for getting involved and interacting with a large community of testing and quality assurance experts.
  • We also aggregate and upload articles, best practices, APIs, and other documents written by the community, for the community.

What’s in it for Me?

Stay on top of trends

Leverage the power of the crowd, get up-to-date information, and build lasting relationships with fellow testers and QA engineers from all over the world. Our platform offers a huge knowledge bank to support you. It is also an effective way for you to contribute and help others. Interactions and collaborations with peers and experts provide real-time insight into innovative testing and quality assurance strategies and processes that boost productivity and ensure tangible results.

Help others and earn recognition

In addition to asking and answering questions, you can also contribute to this fast-growing online community of testers and QA enthusiasts by sharing your opinion on what’s helpful and which answers/posts are the best:

  • Helpful: Community members identify the most relevant and useful information by marking it as ‘Helpful’. Every registered user can view the ‘Helpful’ content as they navigate through the community.
  • Accepted Solution: An exceptionally useful answer or post can be marked as an ‘Accepted Solution’. A green checkmark appears near each ‘Accepted Solution’. Each green checkmark indicates the expertise, experience, and abilities of the user.

Sharing your expertise and opinions will get you recognized as an expert in testing, troubleshooting, and QA! After sharing a substantial amount of ‘Accepted Solutions’ and other quality information, you can join the Leader Board of experts and contribute further to foster and support this community of testers and QA engineers.

Please visit to kickstart your journey to becoming a testing champion.

More to Come

Our team is working diligently to add more interesting features to the platform. Join Tricentis User Community today to ask and answer questions, solve challenges, and have a good time