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Up and Coming Cities for Software Testers

It’s clear that cities like Palo Alto, New York or Tokyo appeal to techies and testers alike. We wanted to know, however, what are some of the cities that are starting to make their mark in the world as testing havens?

Here are a few up and coming cities that more and more testers will want to call home:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tulips, canals and bikes that squeak when you pedal. This city will almost make you want to break into song.  Its progressive attitude has allowed testers to unite and discover the beauty of testing together. Amsterdam is definitely on anyone’s up and comer watch list.

Tech firm(s): Sogeti, CapGemini, 2b4qa, BearingPoint

Auckland, New Zealand

It could be the majestic rolling hills or the possibility of finding your ‘precious’, regardless, Auckland is a tester’s dream.  No need to stress test, this city definitely feels like home for most developers and testers.

Bangalore, India

Bangalore is probably one of the most obvious up and comers within the tech world. This tech hub is on the move 24/7 and ready for the next big challenge.  Some of their IT parks have been likened to Silicon Valley.  Jump on the next plane to the hustle and bustle that makes India so special and let them tell you how agile methodology really should work.

Tech firm(s): Wipro, Mindtree Ltd.

Hyderabad, India

In 2013, the Lonely Planet ranked Hyderabad as one of the best cities to travel to.  With such beautiful monuments and palaces, who wouldn’t want to just automate their tests and head out to explore the place?

Tech firm(s): HCL Technologies, Cigniti

Jersey City, U.S.A.

Just across the bridge from Lower Manhattan, lies the city of Jersey City. Long seen as the underdog of the big apple. Jersey City is making its name known as the hub of multiple tech enterprises, all with easy access to the Jersey Shore board walks and all the American-Italian food you can eat.

Tech firm(s): Ness Technologies, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Don’t just go to Philadelphia for its cheese steak.  The city bolsters a vibrant and hip community that takes Cold Brew Coffee and IPA home brewing kits to the next level. Want to make Movember an all year affair? Take your testing mojo to Philly – and don’t forget: How much does a hipster weigh?  An Instagram, of course.

Tech firm(s): EPAM Systems

Pune, India

As a city with one of the largest universities in India, it’s no wonder the city attracts young and vibrant testers and developers from all over the world.

Tech firm(s): Infosys, Tech Mahindra Limited

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is booming and the tech world agrees. Spend the morning doing regression tests and the afternoon catching waves. Not matter how you prefer to spend the day, Sydney is ideal for laid back testers that are looking for good seafood, beaches and great IT firms to work for.

 Tech firm(s): PlanIT

Vienna, Austria

With a tech metropolis growing right on the Danube, more and more testers are flocking to Vienna, the city of music, only to find out how special it really is.  There is no doubt why Mercer voted Vienna as the most livable city in the world for the fifth time – and counting.

Tech firm(s): Tricentis, Anecon

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, seen as one of the largest financial centers within the world, has also been picking up speed as a legitimate tech hub.  If you like to yodel and eat an abundant supply of cheese fondue, this could be your ultimate testing dream city – minus all the stereotyping.

Tech firm(s): Infometis, Swiss Re