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Using Tricentis qTest APIs: How Tricentis Customers Scale Test Automation with Tricentis qTest

Scaling test automation takes strategy and vision.

It’s tough to do, but the pay off can drastically reduce your test cycle time and increase your time to market. Lucky for you, we have some awesome customers using the Tricentis qTest Platform to centralize their test automation efforts, and have gathered together some of those stories to share with you!

After releasing our new interactive API specification last month, we met with several Tricentis qTest Platform customers to find out what types of integrations they are building out. They have been busy, from scaling thousands of tests, to building modular based frameworks, to serving decentralized teams and more. Their stories will give you real-world examples of how to tackle test automation.

So get inspired with these customer stories and start using the Tricentis qTest API today to scale your test automation efforts. Don’t forget, you can always leverage Tricentis qTest’s automation scheduling, CI integration, and automated script generator capabilities within your test automation strategy.

Dolby: Scaling Test Automation with Tricentis qTest APIs

Having trouble scaling your test automation? Learn how Dolby partnered with Tricentis to develop an additional API method in Tricentis qTest to provide the ability to bulk upload results. This reduced a test run reporting from hours to mere minutes!

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Cisco: Gaining Visibility Across All Test Methodologies

Do you have decentralized teams with no insight into their test activities? Learn how Cisco used Tricentis qTest APIs to report unit, integration and functional tests into one location in order to gain full visibility into the testing methodologies of each team.

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WGU: Modular Based Automation with Tricentis qTest Manager

Scaling and maintaining test automation scripts can be a challenge, and making they respond to change is even harder. Learn how WGU integrated their modular based automation framework with Tricentis qTest APIs to have a single repository that acts as the ultimate truth for test automation.

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Mobiquity: Building Mobile Test Automation with Xcode

Mobiquity has been a Tricentis customer for more than three years and uses Tricentis qTest Manager for all their testing projects which can range for testing mobile, web, and Internet of Things applications.

Check out how they built their own custom integration and learn how your team might be able to do that same thing.

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American Equity: Building a Custom UFT Integration with Tricentis qTest Manager

Since this article was written, Tricentis has released a supported UFT integration for the Tricentis qTest Platform. Please see the test automation scheduling articles for more information.

Back in 2015, American Equity made the switch from HP Quality Center to Tricentis qTest Manager because of Quality Center’s high cost and the complexity. However, as they were transitioning off HP UFT and onto more open source tools like Selenium by using Tricentis qTest Explorer’s Automated Script Generator, some teams still needed to easily execute UFT scripts from Tricentis qTest Manager. Learn how they built their own Chrome extension and used Tricentis qTest APIs to schedule UFT scripts from our platform.

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