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Digital Transformation through Agile Test Automation: The Vantiv Success Story [Webinar Recap]

If you have been to the United States and swiped your credit card, you have probably encountered Vantiv. Vantiv is a credit card processing company that handles over 25 billion transactions a year. Given that Vantiv processes over $930 billion in payments per year, it is no wonder that they need fast and reliable testing results!

In ’Digital Transformation through Agile Test Automation The Vantiv Success Story’, Mark Beauvais, Tricentis’ Director of Strategic Accounts, Raj Kanuparthi, Vantiv’s Sr. Leader of Technology, and Shankar Ramakrishnan, Engagement Manager for TCS – Vantiv Relationship, share how Vantiv’s testing journey evolved from manual testing to extreme test automation.

Raj starts by explaining the challenges his testing teams faced in keeping up with unprecedented company growth and the increasing speed of innovation that came with Agile. Running mostly manual and script based testing with little automation was not meeting their needs – especially for a company that had doubled their volume and transactions in just 4 years. They found that their legacy testing platforms and approaches were holding them back, resulting in:

  • Project delays
  • Production defects
  • High cost of testing
  • Long test cycles

What was Vantiv’s solution? Tricentis Tosca. What began with a 15 license and 1 application proof of concept has grown to an enterprise-wide roll out, leveraging the majority of Tricentis Tosca’s capabilities. During the webinar, Raj and Shankar talk about how switching to a Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment model has allowed for end-to-end test management. The biggest advantage of Tricentis Tosca and this newly implemented model, Raj says, is the faster time-to-market.

Shankar goes into detail about how TCS worked with Vantiv to implement Tricentis Tosca into Vantiv’s Agile QA teams. If you have ever switched tools, you know the painstaking process of training everyone to use a new product. Vantiv found that with Tricentis Tosca, the learning curve is minimal. With only 2 weeks of training, the manual testing team was fully ramped up in Tricentis Tosca.

So, what capabilities of Tricentis Tosca does Vantiv use today?[/vc_column_text][image_with_animation image_url=”33422″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”][vc_column_text]So far, the payoff has been tremendous:

  • Vanitv went from very little automation to almost 50% automation with an eventual goal of reaching 80%.
  • They accelerated time to market, improved quality and test coverage, and reduced testing costs.
  • They increased risk-based coverage by 90% and reduced regression test execution time 90%.

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