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Webservice Automation 101

Most modern software systems are built on a foundation of service-oriented architectures. The system is designed to fulfill a service for the user, such as paying your bills online.

Web Services, a broad term used to describe how your computer is communicating with the bank’s computer over the internet, provides the cornerstone of modern business operations. Web Services allows you, as a business, to build an interface your customer can interact with from their home computer, smart phone, laptop, etc.

Within the process of designing a Web Service however, the API building blocks of the program are often in place long before the pretty flourishes and branding is added to the outward interface. By being able to test the pure functionality of those APIs before the finalized interface is in place, you can ultimately change the way you approach testing: start earlier, increase your efficiency, and release to market faster. Win, win, win.

In our recent webinar titled “Web Service Test Automation 101”, Georg Thurner, the Product Manager for Tricentis’ TBox, takes you through a live demo of how to begin automating your API testing.

In the demo, Georg covers how Tosca’s Web Service test capabilities are designed to be easy and flexible enough for non-testing-experts to use. You can easily start your first tests without having too much previous knowledge about the underlying technology of Web Services, though as your understanding grows, the more advanced your tests can become as well.

The system is also flexible enough to support both SOAP and RESTful APIs, and easily process the data in whichever message format suits you best – whether it be XML or JSON.

Once you are on your way with testing, Tosca combines the power of “risk based test automation” with your Web Service testing, meaning you test less but more effectively.

Finally, Tosca enables you to run end-to-end tests, making it simple to combine everything into one, easy to manage, master test case.

Want to know more?

To learn more about Web Service Test Automation with Tosca, feel free to check out the recorded demo and corresponding Q&A sheet on our resources page.