Employee perspectives

What a Coincidence

I’d like to share with you a wonderful moment I recently had.

In my current career I see a lot of different IT projects, and I’ve often found myself reminiscing about my manual testing days, during my previous incarnation as a tester. Flashback to a couple of years ago: I was involved with an internal IT project, where we had a very capable test management. We were well organized, and well prepared as each test phase rolled by. I felt proud being in a great team. We never considered automation when we started this big IT project ten years ago, but over time, we saw the number of functionalities in the software slowly rise. The dependencies complicated things with every new iteration. Suddenly, despite our great management and organization, we started lagging behind schedule. We found ourselves constantly getting frustrated, because we never seemed to have enough resources, and time allocated for test execution only kept rapidly dwindling. Unsurprisingly, the testing quality only kept deteriorating with every new feature.

It was then that I started to think about automation.  At this time I had never even heard about Tosca, and I began my search with some market studies. I looked at some of the tools available and began to try them out. The testing department unfortunately reacted negatively to this new idea of mine. However, I realized we desperately needed some change, and decided to stick with my guns. We had a good team, but I knew we had the potential to be great. The fact that quality suffered wasn’t a coincidence. And it wasn’t a lack of resources or management either. So I started an in-depth cooperation with some of the developers that were warming up to the idea. After some extensive research, we realized that all these tools brought with them a new set of problems:  you cannot operate them without proficient programming skills, and adapting scripts is an incredibly time consuming endeavor! Despite my misgivings, I decided to set the issue with automation on hold for now. I must admit, it made me sad to see my hopes of reviving this great project being dashed.

When I left the company a few years ago, I started working for Tricentis as a business consultant. Imagine my surprise when I started learning how to use the Tosca Test suite, and realizing that this was the very tool I had been searching for all along! Tricentis had found a solution for automation that finally does away with all the heavy programming, and time consuming scripting. This tool was a real time saver. I often found myself almost wishing I could go back in time, and introduce Tosca to my previous company, and finally be able to show them the amazing potentials that automation could bring.

Lo and behold, we recently took up contact with my old company, and I had the mandate to introduce Tosca to the very same project I had been working in! Equipped with my new set of tools, and a new confidence, I walked in there, and together with a bunch of my old colleagues, we breathed life back into a testing department that desperately needed it. It was exciting, and exhilarating. It was almost cathartic to be vindicated after never thinking I’d get another chance.

My former colleague remarked: “Saleem, you finally got to do what you always wanted! What a coincidence!” Of course I was happy about that, but in that moment I realized why it is that I do what I do now.

There are many others out there, who like I used to, want a change or want to optimize their testing methods and might not know about Tosca. I feel proud to work for a team where we can really help those people; those people who are desperate to change their test projects. I like working for a winning team, and breathing life into projects sometimes gone stale, I know how it feels on the other side.

Though by now I knew that Tosca changing things is no coincidence, it was wonderful to share in that moment: “what a coincidence, indeed!”

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