What is Jira?

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What is Jira?

What is Atlassian Jira?

According to Using JIRA for Test Case Management (Challenges, Pros/Cons, Tips & More!),  Jira is an issue and project tracking software from Atlassian. Currently, Jira bug tracking is the number one software development tool used by Agile teams, and as Agile adoption continues to grow, more and more organizations are introducing JIRA. Although Jira is designed for issue and project tracking, many teams are using it for test case management so that development and testing can stay in one system. 

Jira and Continuous Testing

Jira is commonly used to manage continuous testing in agile environments. Out-of-the box, Jira isn’t really designed for testing. However, it can be customized for testing. Should you customize it and use it for testing? Consider the following pros and cons:

Reasons to use Jira for test management:

  • Ability to create custom issue types such as test cases
  • One workflow for QA, developer and testing actions
  • Ability to use existing reporting (and JIRA does offer excellent reporting)
  • Ability to use an already purchased and known tool (if you already have JIRA in place)
  • Good for one-time manual execution

Reasons NOT to use Jira for test management

  • No testing specific functionality (this is something that Atlassian itself calls out)
  • Only integrates with testing frameworks via the CI server
  • Inability to create a test case coverage report that covers manual execution, automation execution and session-based execution
  • No traceability reporting between issues and test case coverage
  • No way to run executions more than once, which means significant duplication of effort
  • Limitations around test cycle and suite execution, test step execution status, version control and environment configuration

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