What to say at a standup meeting


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1. Things a tester should say at a daily standup

As an agile tester, you know the importance of the daily standup meeting to the Agile process. But did you know there are things that testers should and shouldn’t say? For example, don’t say:

“Yesterday I tested a story. Today I’m going to test another story. No impediments.”

Per Scrum inventor Jeff Sutherland, daily standups should not be “I did this . . . ,” “I’ll do that. . . .” Instead, share things that affect others with an emphasis on impediments. The team should leave the meeting with a sense of energy and urgency to rally around the solutions of the day. When the meeting ends, the team should be saying, “Let’s go do this!”.

Just in case you need some inspiration, this post contains nine different things tests should say at scrum meetings.

2. Are prejudices stopping your Agile efforts?

Adopting new software development approaches like Agile and Scrum is always a challenge. There is a natural tendency for part of an organization to resist changing, and some prejudices exist against Agile, mainly due to a lack of knowledge. This article discusses these misconceptions and provides some tips on how to overcome these prejudices to get Agile adoption on track in your organization.

3. Expectations of QA budgets keep rising

A new study finds that QA is no longer seen as an independent backroom discipline, but is now an inclusive function that supports business growth. The role of QA practitioner has evolved from finding and reporting defects to becoming the orchestrator of quality — they are now expected to ensure that other teams incorporate quality into their workflows.

Those are just a couple of highlights from the latest World Quality Report from Capgemini, which surveyed 1750 CIOs and senior tech leaders around the globe.

4. Performance testing in a DevOps world

Test early and test often is a mantra every tester hears these days, but how can performance testers keep up with the accelerated pace of DevOps? How can you go from just a couple of tests to dozens — maybe even hundreds — in the same amount of time? Tricentis Director of Customer Engineering lays out practical advice in his white paper A practical guide to continuous performance testing.

The post was originally published in 2014 and was most recently updated in July 2021.


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